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Message of Munir Mengal for Baloch Forums, January 2009

Salam to All;

Dear all, I am writing this letter in connection with some of my personel
efforts and matters.

On the day I came to France I gave a detailed press briefing to the
media that Balochs are struggling for their national identity and
land. And You must know the teachings of Nawab Khairbux Marri and Dr.
Allah Nizar before you believe Paki negative propagenda...

Secondly I gave a briefing to nearly thirty eight organizations'
and countries' representatives and asked their help for Baloch National
struggle and Media Baloch Voice.

Thirdly I have written nearly 18 letters to different embassies about
Baloch National struggle and Baloch Voice TV channel.

Fourth I have written columns in American media as well as given my
testimony to RSF (RWB) and other news Organizations.

Fifth I participated in the Mir Hairbihar and Faiz Baloch case as a
witness against Govt. of pakistan and on 7th Jan 2009 I have given my
statement to Woolwich Court via video link.

Now dear, the Pakistani Intelligencia is seeking to kill me.
At this time I, as a Baloch, request from all of You dear If the
intelligencia kills me, you people must promote my/this objective and try
to give the Baloch Nation access to the independent media.

Salam to all brothers

Munir Mengal

I've moved to a friend's place, I'll get a PC, am using his PC.
I hope that things change. Oxford University Press has printed a new
book by Dr.Martin Axman, titled Back to the Future. It's on Baluch