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Brief analysis on Military Intelligence and ISI based induced terrorist organization MQM and ‘puppets on unseen strings’

11 January 2010, By Gull Baloch

If we try to look at the history of immigrants in Kulachi (Karachi), Most of the Urdu-speaking people were migrated from the various city of India after the partition of 1947 in sub-continent and they were sheltered by local old population Sindhi and Baloch in interior Sindh and Karachi.

MQM is kind of Urdu-speaking immigrants organization so called ‘Mohajir Qomi Movement’ (Immigrants National Movement) formed during 1980s that turn their name in past decade as ‘Mutahida Qomi Movement’ (United National Movement), but actually other ethnicity can not amalgamate themselves in it, due to lack ethnic, cultural and historical backgrounds, that’s why MQM still representing themselves as Immigrants organization.

MQM is produced and empowered as subset of ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) by military dictator Zia-ul-Haq during mid 1980s. The main purpose of this organization to encounter the Shiite (Shia) revolution in Iran, to perpetrate Shiite - Sunni imbalance in region, produces Mujahedeen or Taliban for war in Afghanistan and to prevent national rise and national question especially among Baloch and Sindhi. That’s why Urdu-Speakers are more Paksitani than anyone else due to lack of national identity. The main tasks of this induced MQM organization are terrorizing, corrupting and looting innocent local people, blackmailing the ruling power and to serve and support Military Intelligence and to upcoming Military dictators.

The violent conflict between Baloch and Urdu speakers started on 07 Jan 2010, when the MQM activist Amir killed by unknown and dead body was found in Lyari Karachi, in contrast MQM militants opened indiscriminate firing in Baloch areas killed 9-Baloch on spot same day.

In last few days in co-operation with military intelligence, MQM started raid on local Baloch people in Baloch areas in Karachi by killing and beheading 30 to 40 innocent Baloch women, men, youth and teenager. After being the victim of this terrorist militant organization Pakistani Intelligence, government, Pakistani media and law-enforcement started the undermining and demoralizing local Baloch people in Karachi specially Lyari. And they were threatened by Pakistani Interior minister ‘Rehman Malik’ and military spokesman by blaming this local old population of Baloch as foreign agents, gangsters, drug mafia, land mafia and foreigners (Iranis etc). In mid of night 11-Monday 2010, Baloch people in Lyari were harassed, humiliated and looted in name of ‘search operation’ by Police and Rangers (Pakistani Para Military) while rest of Karachi were sleeping in peace, and several innocent Baloch youth were arrested on fake charges and most of them are still missing and no one knows about their whereabouts.

If we try to move backward in clock to look at the trained of various terrorism incidences in Karachi, we can be able to see some plots and pictures from various terrorist events, e.g. 28 Dec 2009 - blast in Shia procession in Karachi and looting shops, 30 Nov 2009 - target killing of Nisar Baloch and recently Nader Baloch on Issue of Gutter Bageecha in Old Golimar Karachi, 12 May 2007 open-road violence in Karachi and burning advocates on the demand of military dictator general ‘Parvez Musharraf’ , since 2004 engaging and backing gang-war in Lyari Karachi and absence of Pakistani Police and para-military results several innocent death and thousands of other crimes of bomb blast, killing and looting at different spots.

These all subsequent events shows that fascist Military Intelligence and ISI always use their supervised MQM terrorist organization, party and their alliance as tool to manipulate the chaos and anarchy, in order to fulfill their own demands, benefits, aims and objectives against ruling power and against oppressed nations like Baloch and Sindhi.

The questions are what kind of aims and objectives hold by these immigrants so called Urdu-Speakers? Whether they want to hold the control of whole Karachi? Or hijack the city and land of other nation that living here for centuries? Or they want to vacant the rest of people in Multi-national city? Or they want unending ethnic clashes?