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Source: Daily Intekhab, Feb 3, 2008


"The International Community should take notice of the Military Operations in Kohlu” Marri Tribesmen

100s Rounded-up and Abducted

Kahan: A representative of the Marri tribe reported that Pakistani forces are conducting military operations for a fourth day, scores of civilians have been being killed, the injured don't have access to any kind of medical attention while the dead are increasing by the hour. Marri tribesmen say that Pakistani security forces are backed-up in this assault by bomber aircrafts, helicopter gunships and artillery fire. Bombore, Seiya Giri, Suraf, Nul, Shin Kani, Wasalu, Guhla-o-Daman, Pir-o-Darbar and adjoining areas have been bombed intensively by Pakistani aircraft and gunships. The forts generally used by paramilitary troops as base camps are now used by the Pakistani military as artillery stations to shell the civilian population. At Seiya Giri two women and a child lost their lives in artillery fire. Eight civilians were critically wounded as a result of an aerial raid. Meanwhile platoons of Pakistani Airborne Troops have been flown into Bombore Top, Seiya Giri, and Wasalu via Helicopter. Airborne troops are killing civilians. Pakistani forces are destroying houses and looting valuables. Eight herds of cattle and a dozen horses have also been looted.

Source: Daily Intekhab Feb 3, 2008