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Baluch Freedom Fighters Retaliate
Check-posts hit, Power Supply to Auch Power Plant Suspended
Source: dailytawar.com Feb 5, 2008

Quetta (Bureau Report +News Agencies) violence continued for a fifth day as the Pakistani Security Forces continued their military crackdown against Marri Tribesmen. In Jaffarabad two 220KV power pylons were blown off by unknown persons, power supply to the Auch Power Plant, Jaffarabad and adjoining areas was suspended, the attackers managed to escape successfully. The spokesperson of the Baluch Liberation Army (BLA), Beberg Baluch informed news agencies that Baluch Freedom Fighters have retaliated against the Pakistani Forces. Beberg said that the Baluch Freedom Fighters attacked a check post of the Pakistani Forces, the Check-post was pounded with rocket fire and other modern weapons killing six Pakistani Security Personnel while wounding many, he also said that damage to the check-post was substantial. The BLA spokesperson also claimed that Baluch Freedom Fighters killed two Pakistani Soldiers in another assault, and accepted responsibility for blasting two more power-pylons in the industrial city of Hub bordering the Pakistani Economic Capital, Karachi . In Taatri, Sibi another check-post of the Pakistani Frontier Core (FC) came under fire, unknown persons fired ten rockets and small arms at the check-post, the FC said that they retaliated by firing five rockets , however no casualties were reported. The Spokesperson of the Baluch Republican Army (BRA), Saarbaz Baluch called the offices of different newspapers and disclosed that the BRA targeted a water-tanker on duty to supply the FC militia men with water. The FC men are responsible for protecting Chinese Engineers working there. The driver of the tanker was killed while two crewmen were injured, the tanker was set ablaze. Saarbaz also said that in another attack carried out at dusk this past Monday; four members of the FC were killed while three others were critically injured. The FC troops were on patrol. In Pat-Feeder area near Sui, one man was killed while three critically injured as the tractor-trolley that they were traveling in hit a landmine, the injured also include the deceased person's son.

Source: dailytawar.com Feb 5, 2008

Feb 5, 2008: Marri tribesmen are reporting attacks by Pakistani military on civilian populations in Balochistan

Sign an online petition to protest the ongoing military operation and killings in Balochistan: http://www.petitiononline.com/bsona/petition.html

Radio Gwank Balochistan (http://www.gwank.org) is receiving reports from a Marri tribesman via satellite phone from Kohistan Marri, Balochistan, about heavy bombardment by Pakistani gunships, Cobra helicopters, jet fighters and the firing of long-range missiles. The tribesman said the following areas are being cordoned off by Pakistani military forces: Kohlu, Dera-bugti, Zain-koh, Bhambor, Dode wadh, Daho, Hampur, Sohreen Koh and Tranne. The military has established checkpoints on all roads, preventing civilians from fleeing the areas. Gwank.org reports this bombardment has gone on for several days. The tribesman emphasizes that the Baloch are not extremists or Taliban, but secular, and that this collective punishment of non-combatant Baloch nomadic tribes by the Pakistani military violates Geneva Convention codes. He said Cobra helicopters are targeting civilians, tents, houses, animals, and that 600 civilians--many women and minors--have been taken away, along with animals, thereby depriving these nomads of their only source of subsistence. He notes that these attacks are similar to those the Baloch suffered under the Bhutto regime from 1971-75. He stresses that the harsh winter is aggravating the conditions the civilian population now faces and says that dead bodies lie in the fields and food and medical care are lacking for those injured in military attacks.

A recent article by human rights activist Peter Tatchell notes that the Chair of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asma Jahangir, has confirmed the apparent attacks on civilian areas; saying she visited the site of a supposed rebel military camp that was blasted to pieces by the Pakistan army and air force. Littering the ground, she said, were domestic artifacts, civilian clothing and children's toys..."

The Baloch are appealing to the world media, the Red Cross, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Doctors without Borders, the United Nations and NGOs to visit the affected areas. Baloch political and human rights activists have called for a UN peace-keeping force and have requested Balochistan be declared a no-fly zone for Pakistani and Iranian gunship helicopters and jet fighters.

Following the killing of Balach Marri in November, 2007, the B.L.A. has stepped up their attacks on Pakistani military forces in Balochistan and the situation on the ground is rapidly deteriorating.

For further information, contact Radio Gwank Balochistan, Samander Askani, Rub Nawaz Mazari, Ms. Mahe-naz and the staff. email: palask@hotmail. com www.gwank.org tel. 070-2315635 (Baloch-news Across Borders) email: free2baloch@ yahoo.com

Sources: http://www.gwank.org/vob/news/news20080203.ra, http://www.bbc. co.uk/urdu/ pakistan/ story/2008/ 02/080201_ kahan_operation_ ra.shtml, balochwarna.org, balochvoice.org, http://www.dailyintekhab.com.pk/

Feb 3, 2008, Daily Intekhab

Source: http://www.dailyintekhab.com.pk/

"The International Community should take notice of the Military Operations in Kohlu”

100s Rounded-up and Abducted

Kahan: A representative of the Marri tribe reported that Pakistani forces are conducting military operations for a fourth day, scores of civilians have been being killed, the injured don't have access to any kind of medical attention while the dead are increasing by the hour. Marri tribesmen say that Pakistani security forces are backed-up in this assault by bomber aircrafts, helicopter gunships and artillery fire. Bombore, Seiya Giri, Suraf, Nul, Shin Kani, Wasalu, Guhla-o-Daman, Pir-o-Darbar and adjoining areas have been bombed intensively by Pakistani aircraft and gunships. The forts generally used by paramilitary troops as base camps are now used by the Pakistani military as artillery stations to shell the civilian population. At Seiya Giri two women and a child lost their lives in artillery fire. Eight civilians were critically wounded as a result of an aerial raid. Meanwhile platoons of Pakistani Airborne Troops have been flown into Bombore Top, Seiya Giri, and Wasalu via Helicopter. Airborne troops are killing civilians. Pakistani forces are destroying houses and looting valuables. Herds of cattle and horses have also been looted.