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From the editors:
The arrogance of the West knows no bounds: The British Foreign Office is funding a set of television commercials at the cost of GBP 400,000 that will star prominent British Muslims. These are to be broadcast in cities like Peshawar in hopes of discouraging disadvantaged Pakistani youth from turning to terrorism. "I Am the West" seems more appropriate for a venue like America's cable station 'Comedy Central.' We at thebaluch.com feel the equivalent of US$ 574,000 could best be spent on schools and job training in those regions, not commercials that will only serve as reminders of how materially disadvantaged these kids are. Given that Peshawar youth have zero percent chance of emigrating to the UK or the West for an education or where they might find jobs, these commercials will more than likely be perceived as taunts: "We love living in the UK--we have jobs, a university education, etc., why would you, who have none of these opportunities, resent us?" Failed Bush-style thinking is alive and well in the UK.

UK plans anti-extremism ad drive for Pakistani, Dawn.com, Feb 11, 2009