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Baloch Issue and the Obligation of International Human Rights Organizations

By Munir Mengal
Feb 14, 2009

Yes the act of kidnapping of an innocent man is a condemning act. This is what the lesson we get from the idea logy of Philanthropy. This is what a common man who has a sense of humanity knows and strongly supports. Yes dear I am cent percent sure that a common man with his all consciousness certainly has consensus addendum.

Then dear what happened to the idea logy of these Human Rights Organizations i.e. UNHCR, HRCP, ICRC, Amnesty International etc. for the abduction of Balochs including children, females, and old age citizens. As the Interior minister of Pakistan himself claimed that thousands of Balochs are under there illegal custody. Why all of us are silent where is our humanity and philanthropy.

Why all of them kept silent on the killing of innocent Balochs by the Pakistani Islamofacist Army Bombardment. Why these organizations kept silent on the displacement of thousands Balochs from their homeland Dera Bughti. As the Pakistan govt. it self claims that nearly Eighty Thousand only Bughti Tribe Balochs have been displaced. Why all of us are silent where is our humanity and philanthropy.

We have seen hundreds of Balochs who were released by the Pakistan Army after being kept incommunicado for years were physically and mentally paralyzed. But what these so called human rights organizations have done for them. Certainly the answer is nothing. Why…..?????

As these organizations kept there eyes close due to the following reasons.

i) They wanted to keep the Pakistan Govt. happy in order to get the Government support for their organizations. So, they kept silent and kept their eyes off on the human rights violation by the Pakistani Islamofascist Army in Balochistan.

ii) As the Pakistan was the so called ally of America in the fight for against terrorisim and enjoying billions of dollars aid from America so it was impossible for such organizations to say something against the Pakistan Army. Therefore they kept their eyes off from Balochs blood shedding.

iii) And most of employees working in such organizations belong to either Punjabi community or are Islamic fundamentalists. So, it is impossible for a colonialist Punjabi or a hard core muslim fundamentalist / Pakistani Taliban to say something against the acts of Pakistani fascist army.

I still remember the words of ICRC head; “he told me that they have got permission from the Pakistan Govt. to visit the prisoners of war in the Balochistan jail”. Which means the talibans etc.So, hundreds of Balochs appealed to them for the human rights abuse by the Pakistani fascist forces but they did nothing for any one.

Few days earlier a friend who was working in Amnesty International Karachi Office told me on phone that it is impossible for any organization in Pakistan to work without getting the confidence of islamofascist intelligentsia i.e. ISI, MI, CID etc. He said that once Angelika Patrika was coming to visit Pakistan so she also was having plans to visit Balochistan. But an Army officer came to our Office and told us that “they have the news that Angelika has plans to visit Balochistan. So, if she went to Balochistan then no one of you will be live”.

Yes dear this how the human rights organizations with the collaboration of Pakistani Islamofascist Army have done with the Balochistan and Baloch people otherwise today the situation of human rights in the Balochistan would have been different.

Today we see that Asian Human Rights Organization has given the report of Baloch Females salavery by the hands of Pakistani Army. But until now what these so called human rights organizations have done practically for these Baloch Females. Untill now we do not see any sort of report from such organizations for the hundreds of Baloch females held incommunicado by these fascist forces.

On the other hand we see that the net work of these organizations is well established and working for human rights in the rest of the world including, Sudan, Phalistine, Sumalia, India, Srilanka, and Afghanistan etc….

We see the reports and actions taken by these organizations for human welfare even in Punjab and Sindh but what they have done for Balochs and for Balochistan…???

But how all of us can claim that UNHCR has not been a party directly or indirectly in the Baloch conflict by keeping its eyes shut on the genocide and other inhuman acts of Govt. of Pakistan.

Dear we shall analyze that for the last sixty years what UNHCR has done for the Balochs? Certainly they have done nothing. Why?

By this act of UNHCR we have lost our thousands of lives.......yes we love our loved ones same like that of the lovers of John Soleiky.

The Thousands of Baloch mothers, fathers, sisters , brothers and wife's of Balochs are waiting unconsciously same like that of John Soleiky….But we are waiting for our loved ones for years and you are waiting for him just for few days…..So who is the worst victim of these fascist and inhumane acts.

So, all of us including the western world must think for the causes and for the solution of such causes that why Balochs have been forced to do such act if they have done it.....?

Otherwise we would be compelling an injuired nation to do more dreadfull acts......? and in the mean while we would be supporting and appreciating Islamofascist Pakistani Army to kill and abduct more Balochs?

I appeal from you all and from all the role playing organizations that they must analyze the ground realities of Balochistan, History and idea logy of Balochs. We shall not compel them to become Talibans in order to support Pakistan on the basis of religion as the Pakistani Islamofascist Intelligentsia is already doing there.And certainly all of us shall focus on human rights violations by the Pakistani Army with its depth analysis and subsequent causes for doing so,

Otherwise as the UNHCR and its parental organisation UNO has been keeping its eyes shut on the Genocide of Baloch Nation, bombardment, arrests and tortures, public hanging and the loot and plunder of Baloch resources. Then how we can support such an Organisation and doing the same means closing our eyes from the Balochistan and Baloch People.

Dear Mr. John Soleiky is an Human rights activist. So, we can find thousands of Examples that such activists have sacrificed their lives for the humanitarian activities so, this would be very honorable and humanitarian act if John Soleiky sacrifices his life for the raising the voice and issue of millions of Balochs.As until now thousands of Balochs have sacrificed their lives for the voice of the Balochs.

As untill now Balochs from all fields of life have tried to raise their voice for the life safety and and safe retun of John Soleiky. Because this is what our customs and traditions teaches us for the humanity and now it is moral obligation of these Organizations that they shall also avail this opportunity to make Balochs their real friends by raising the voice of Balochs and Balochistan and urge the international community for the Solution of Baloch Problem.

Certainly if a Baloch Freedom Fighting Organization has done it. Then we shall not forget the lesson that the cause of an Act is more important for us to drill down the reality then the act itself.

orig. post http://mengal.newsvine.com/_news/2009/02/14/2434805-baloch-issue-and-the-obligation-of-international-human-rights-organizations

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