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An appeal to the holders of John Solecki, UN Official

Reza Hossein Borr

Your voice has been heard all over the world. Now the international community has become aware of what is going on in Baluchistan. They know that 141 women and about six thousands men are missing. The world is aware that the Baluch women have been used as sex slaves in prisoners. You have achieved your outcome. John Solecki not only helped the Baluch people in his freedom, but he served the cause of the Baluch people while he was under your protection. This man has served your cause more than any other foreign men or any other country. Because of the world's attention to him, you also received the attention of the world.

John Solecki is a man that volunteered to serve those in Baluchistan who were not receiving any help and service. Unlike many of those who came to Baluchistan to control you, he came to Baluchistan to serve you. He, as the head of UN in Quetta, served you to the best of his abilities and he deserves the best of your attention and the most of your kindness. The man who came to serve you must not be sacrificed by you because of the tyranny and oppression that have been inflicted on the Baluch people by others. We, the Baluch people, have never harmed the innocent people who had no part on our oppression. We, the Baluch people, have always sacrificed ourselves to protect those who sought our protection. Now this man is in your custody and in your protection. His life depends on your attitude and how you want to serve your nation. He is your MAYAAR, refugee. He needs as much help as you needed for many years. When you needed help, he came along way to offer United Nations' support to you. Now he needs the help of those he came to help.

You know how important it is to help others. When you issued a statement in which you asserted your demands, you didn't want anything for yourself, you wanted the release of those who have been missing or arrested, tortured and placed in prison unfairly. You are seeking justice and NOW it is your opportunity to demonstrate that you do justice to a man who has not harmed anybody. You are prepared to give your lives for bringing justice into your land and NOW it is time that you prove that you want justice for all and specifically for somebody who is your friend. John Solecki is a friend of Balochistan.

There are a lot of people in the West who feel more sympathy for the oppressed people of the world than the oppressed nations themselves. Those would live in freedom realize and recognize the value of freedom. John is one of them. He has lived in a free society and he knows how it is to live in an environment which is fully controlled by those you consider your oppressors. People get used even to oppression and sometimes forget how oppression can deprive them of many advantageous in life. Those who live in Liberty can understand how much the people who live under oppression have suffered and can suffer. Those who have lost their dear ones know more how much painful it is to lose a member of the family. You know how John's family and friends feel now.

The families of 141 women and six thousand men are suffering day and night. John's friend and family members are suffering now in the same way that you have suffered for a long time. His release will bring happiness and peace of mind to international community, his friends and his family members and will manifest that you are a nation of dignity and integrity. When you release him, the world will recognize that you are campaigning for your rights and during this process, you will need their sympathy. The release of John will bring a lot of recognition to you and your people and would prove that you are the kind of people that would do not harm those who cannot defend themselves. John is now a helpless man in your hands and you can do to him whatever you like. You must not treat him in the same way that you have been treated by your oppressors. You need to show the difference between yourself and your oppressors. Harming John Solecki will harm your struggle. His release will boost your cause. Let him go and attract the sympathy of the world.