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Balochistan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Bangkok, Thailand

Feb. 22 - 24, 2010

Left to right: Dr. Abdul Ghafar, Marino Budsachi, Munir Mengal
Speakers in alphabetical order (This collection of papers and photos is VERY INCOMPLETE as of March 1, 2010. I will add items as I receive them):
Other coverage:

New: South Asia News video report, Mar 19, 2010; Bangkok Conference: Some tough questions to opponents, by Che Mureed, Intellibriefs, Mar 6, 2010; BBC News, Feb 25, 2010; BSO-NA, Feb 24, 2010; The Baloch House, Feb 23, 2010; Intellibriefs, Feb 28, 2010; pics at Intellibriefs; Intellibrief photos, Mar 7, 2010

Links: Video (to come):
Khan Suleiman Dawood Ahmedzai (message to conference) click to read  
Faheem Ahmed Faheem Baloch: Baloch human rights activist. Mr. Baloch delivered details of the below reports:

1) Balochistan IDPs. Research for this report was conducted by the Human rights commission of Pakistan, Balochistan chapter. This is a study of the Internal Displacement after army operation and flood effective communities in this area.  HRCP Balochistan chapter is grateful to all those who provided information for this report and particularly to the internally displaced people interviewed and those who facilitated the Interviewers...

2) HRCP Turbat Fact Finding Report: Three Baloch leaders Assassinated in District Kech. April 24 29 2009. Fact finding mission for the killing of 3 Baloch nationalist leaders: Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, President Baloch National Movement, Sher Muhammad Baloch, Joint Secretary Baloch Republican Party and Lala Munir Baloch, ex Vice-President, Baloch National Party.


click to read Baloch IDPs

click to read HRCP Turbat Fact Finding Report

click for videos: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
Ismail Ameeri Ismail Ameeri: Ismail Ameeri attended high school in port city of Chahbahar and college in Zahedan in Western [Iranian occupied] Baluchistan. After the 1979 Iranian mullah takeover, he went to Karachi and earned his Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Karachi in 1985. In Karachi, he was actively involved in Baloch politics and Balochi literary forums and joined the Western Balochistan-based Balochistan National Movement. He is presently a member of the central and executive committees of the pro-independence party. A writer in Balochi language, he had been a co-editor of Monthly Taptan (Balochi). He regularly chairs and moderates Baluch gatherings in London.    
Ali Arjemandi: Ali Arjemandi is a Norwegian Baloch human rights activist and a political refugee from Iran. He is the brother of Ehsan Arjemandi, a Norwegian citizen who was disappeared in Pakistan on August 7, 2009.    
Marino Budsachin: Secretary General of United Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO), the international NGO based in New York. click to read  
Andrew Eiva Andrew Eiva: Andrew Eiva was born of refugee parents who fled tyranny in Lithuania, and learned early on that resistance warfare could help his homeland Lithuania regain independence. His quest took him to West Point. He is best known for his impact on policy and the selection of effective weapons systems during Afghanistan's struggle against Red Army occupation. Later in Lithuania, he led the volunteer pro-independence forces in a showdown with Soviet occupation forces. During the Serb ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, he lobbied for military support for the Bosnians and Kossovars. Currently, he is working on a concept for the Sudanese resistance to use their oil and gas reserves as a tool for unity and victory.  

video links from DC conference:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Selig Harrison Selig S. Harrison: Selig S. Harrison, Asia director at the Center for International Policy, has written extensively on ethnic tensions in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran , focusing on the Baluch nationalist struggle. His 1980 book In Afghanistan?s Shadow: Baluch Nationalism and Soviet Temptations, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, remains the most authoritative analysis of the Baluch nationalist movement. He is the author of Pakistan: The State of the Union, recently published by the Center for International Policy, where he directs the Asia Program. In this study, he calls on the government of Pakistan to honor the autonomy provisions of the 1973 Constitution and withdraw its armed forces and intelligence agencies from Baluchistan .
Harrison served for 22 years as a Senior Associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and was South Asia and Northeast Asia Bureau Chief of The Washington Post.
His five books on Asia include India: The Most Dangerous Decades ( Princeton ) and The Widening Gulf: Asian Nationalism and American Policy (Free Press).
click to read (speech from DC conference)  
  Wendy Johnson: Wendy Johnson is a co-producer of the documentary 'The Baluch' and has a Master's degree in Languages and Literature of South Asia. click to read  
Abdul Hamid Khan: Chairman of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF).
Please visit Balawaristan National Front website for more information on Balawaristan.

click to read  
Ryzek Lutzk: Balochi Linguist, Germany    
Dr. Jumma Marri: balochunity.com click to read  
Munir Mengal Munir Mengal: Munir Mengal is the managing director of Baloch Voice based in Paris, France. He hails from the remote Mashkay area in Awaran, Pakistan Occupied Balochistan. He had planned to launch a Balochi and Brohi language satellite TV channel called "Baloch Voice." But Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted him on April 4, 2006. After being freed on 23rd April 2008, he came to France with the help of Reporters Sans Frontieres. He has attended two UNHCR council sessions and made speeches at events organized by the UNPO and Interfaith International. Bangkok Declaration and Concept Note click for video (incomplete clip)
Baseer Naveed: Asian Human Rights Commission click to read  
Mehrab Sarjov: activist click to read  
Sushant Sareen: Journalist and senior fellow, VIF    
Our apologies as we continue to gather participant photos, bios and papers... (Please note, this is a very incomplete collection of papers and photos.
I will add items as I receive them.)