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Hyrbyar Marri reiterates stand on resources

Saturday, November 25, 2000. By Irfan Saeed
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QUETTA: Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri, a former Provincial Minister and son of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, has reiterated that the energy sources found in Marri area was the property of the people of Balochistan and the Government should hold talks to the representatives of all tribes if it desired to exploit these resources. In an interview with On-Line from Britain, he categorically stated that the those resources were no monopoly of Marri tribesmen alone. He said that the Government would not be allowed to take a unilateral decision on exploiting the energy resources in Marri tribal area. Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri was critical of the Nihalzai Council, using the word so-called, saying that they are trying to mislead the people.

He said no representative of Marri tribe could sell the interests of the people in return of a few jobs, nor the area could be converted into a test lab for experiments. In no area of Balochistan, the honey and milk is flowing for the people, the former MPA from Marri Tribal Agency said. At the same time he said he was subjected to criticism for disallowing the development work. Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri said that by providing a few jobs the Punjabis wanted to exploit the resources and spend it in their province. He said that the Government could easily buy the loyalties of Nihalzai Council people and not us. He said Mohabat Khan Marri had been contesting elections on the PPP tickets and why should he is asking his former political party about the discrimination to Balochistan for allocating funds for development.

Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri said he or his tribesmen has no dispute or quarrel with the Government and he is demanding the right of the people only. He said that the Government should also think about Balochistan on the pattern of the Punjab Province. He said that his father Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri was jailed merely for the pressure tactics and declared that they would not yield to such pressure. He deplored 100 Marris were also arrested following the arrest of Nawab Marri on the charge of killing Justice Nawaz. He blamed the Government for the murder as the Government could not find any proof against his father or his involvement in the murder case.
Marri tribes not to compromise, says Hyarbyar Marri

QUETTA: A former provincial minister Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri has said that Marri tribes will not compromise on the natural resources of Balochistan and urged upon Baloch and Pushtoons to get united for the protection of their rights. In an interview on Telephone from London on Friday he strongly criticised the provincial minister Mir Mohabat Khan Marri and advised him not to forget his past when he change parties to protect personal interest. He said that health of Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri is getting bad to worst in Quetta jail and even his family members have been denied meeting with him.

The only falt of Nawab Marri was that he did not allow exploitation of oil and gas from his area Nawabzada Hairbair Marri said adding that these resources belong to entire people of Balochistan and not only to Marri tribesmen. He said that as long as the Baloch and Pushtoon did not take any joint decision no one would be allowed to exploit oil and gas from Marri area. He said that Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bugti and all parties conference also supported Nawab Khair Bukhsh Mari’s stand, which showed that the people of Balochistan were not ready to compromise on their rights.

He said that Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri regards the entire Balochistan his area. If he compromised with the government for mineral exploration in Marri area he has bank balance and property in foreign countries. Nawabzada Hyarbyar Marri denied the charges leveled by provincial minister Mir Mohabat Khan Marri and said that the people of Balochistan know who embezzled the Zakat and peoples works programme in Marri area. He said that as for as Nawab Marri is concern he never left his tribes alone at any time and remained with them even in hard time when heavy war was going on in Afghanistan. He said that despite passage of 11 months government remained failed to produce any proof against him and also could purchase any brave Baloch against him. He said that time would prove that who was tarter and who is patriot.