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S.O.S call: "Help internally displaced Baloch refugees in Pakistan"

The situation of internally displaced Baloch refugees - numbering more than 240,000 - scattered in Sindh and Balochistan is going from bad to worse. According to reports to "Radio Gwank Balochistan", there are 8,000 Baloch refugees in Karachi, living in the locations of Jumma Goth, Akber Khan Bugti Goth and other places.

One refugee, requesting anonymity due to the fears for his security, told Radio Gwank in an interview that "We are forced to live under sky or the whole family in one room without any facility. We have no jobs, no income and can't pay the high bills to pay to the doctors for the treatment of different diseases which are spreading." He added that, "almost all of us are suffering from intense infection in throats and the doctors have diagonised this disease due to the infection of Chemical Bombardments by Pakistani Jet-fighters and gun-ship helicopters."

Continuing his interview, he shed light on the miserable conditions and added that, " We are losing our family members, children, old people and women in the diseases of Maleria, hepatis B, hepatatis C, Gastric - diagonised by doctors. We have lost our homes, property and all our belongings. As we are broken, it is urgently needed free medical camps and free medicine. Being without job, we need money to buy food because the malnutration is the other cause to the fatal diseases."

Requesting that his location not be disclosed in another refugee camp from the interior of Sindh, a Baloch refugee explained that most of the diseases were spreading due to the unavailibility of fresh clean water. "We are obliged to drink the water which the animals use to drink." He appealed to the different humanitarian organisations, all over the world, to urgently give a hand to help these refugee. Some children under treatment appealed for financial help and their parents expressed worries about their education. "These displaced internal Baloch refugees need an urgent action to rescue their lives and a substantial programme to re-settle them in their own homes in Balochistan" said the commenter of "Radio Gwank Balochistan." ( Radio Gwank Balochistan )   

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