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Burning Reality

By Diagoh Murad


The Woods, the lofty Mountains

The region, the land, the flowing fountains

All are destroyed by the selfish brute

The beings harassed as they were crude


The life sustained but with agony and pain

They who were foreigners ordered and claim

That these flocks of being are their slave

They were beaten, crushed and encage


The morning came blazing through the clouds

The sun shined over dead and children crying loud

The Path, Destination and target of total salvation

 Have now reached nothing but total destruction


Is it madness or insanity that causes such extent?

Or is it human nature that is deeply latent

My born right to be free revoke my mentality

Right where I stand I see my life’s futility


Such 10 commandments from God have no space

Where state like Pakistan have disgrace

The very true meaning of Islam and Humanity

Talks of Islamic hood and the Islamic fraternity 

Such practice of faith is disgusting

As it is not Islam that teaches colonizing