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US Taxpayer Money Paid to Pakistan for War On Terror Is Being Used to Support Terror, Apr 29, 2008, BBC Urdu (in Urdu): Summary in English below:

  • According to official Pakistan sources, reported by BBC Urdu Service, Top Taliban Commander Mullah Nazir and his 134 four Taliban supporters have been paid more then RS 20 Crore ($ 4 Million) in Waziristan, FATA.
  • The government also paid a huge sum as compensation to the family of Killed Taliban Commander Naik Mohammed (http://www.csmonitor.com/2004/0621/p07s02-wosc.html), but the family is demanding more compensation.
  • Money was paid to Taliban without proper procedures or evidence; there is a high probability that these vast sums of money will be used by Taliban against ISAF forces in Afghanistan.
  • The report also reveals that Peshawar Corps Commander paid senior Taliban Commanders more then Five Hundred Thousand Dollars to repay Al-Qaeda loans.