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Release: Copyright Infringement by a Pakistani publisher could result in Tarbela Urao

May 1, 2009

A novel, Tarbela Damned – Pakistan Tamed, by C.N. Anand, published by Indialog Pvt Ltd, features the sabotage of the world's largest earth and rockfill dam across the Indus at Tarbela. An IITian Jew who emigrates to Israel and joins Mossad and an Indian agent of the RAW are protagonists. With the Taliban now closing in, fiction might turn to realty in the form of “Tarbela Urao”, if the Taliban takes a leaf out of this book.

Recently, The State Bank of Pakistan (Equivalent of India's RBI) purchased books and published the list on the web. On it was found an Urdu translation “Tarbela Urao – Pakistan ko Jhukao”. This translation is in an infringement of copyright. However, the author, C. N. Anand, and the publisher, hope that some good will come out of the infringement. They have appealed to the High Commission of Pakistan to investigate the matter. The publisher and author desire that the royalties due to them be donated by the erring publisher (Fazal Sons) to a charitable organization that helps the suffering Tarbela dam oustees. A facsimile copy of the letter to the High commission with a copy to the honourable External Affairs Minister of India is attached.