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US diplomat meets Khan of Kalat family

QUETTA - Karachi-based US Consul General Stephen G Fakan has met some family members of Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud in Kalat Town.

This was the first meeting of any US diplomat with the family members of Khan of Kalat who was in self-exile in London for the last four years.

According to sources, the prevailing situation of Balochistan also came under discussion during the meeting. It may be mentioned that Khan of Kalat had not only convened an important jirga of Baloch tribal elders after the assassination of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti but he had also left the country.

Some sources claimed that attempts were made on behalf of some important personalities to bring Khan of Kalat back to Pakistan but so far these efforts have not succeeded.
Khan of Kalat had also rejected any negotiations with the govt without presence or assurance of international guarantors.

Political observers were attaching great importance to the meeting of a senior US diplomat with the family members of Khan of Kalat. However, it could not be known whether this was a courtesy call or any attempt on behalf of some foreign diplomats for improvement of situation in Balochistan because US and its allies were considering peace in Pakistan indispensable for their success in war against Taliban in Afghanistan.