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New Torture Cell in Dera Bugti, Sui, under the control of ISI & Mir Aali Bugti

Translated May 8, 2010

The interviewee pleads for the UN to investigate...

Gwank Report: (Dera Bugti, Sui);
A report has been circulating not in the Pakistani media of course, but through Baloch sources it has been confirmed that Dera Bugti is mostly devastated with severe human rights violation, Our Correspondent of Gwank in Dera Bugti asked a person about his previous condition in the torture cells of Bugti house (Which By the way is now known as Pakistan House), The severe torture inflicted people who are still languished inside the torture cell created by Pakistani agencies inside Dera Bugti with the Help of Mir Aali Bugti is still holding 200 to 300 Baloch men, who are by far not been fortunate enough to give their understatement as not being a part of freedom struggle, which is why they are being kept incommode in torture. Mind you that not only common folks are held up in those torture cells but many famous wadheras and fine man of Nawab Akbar Bugti have been deprived of their rights and are kept illegally by the Pakistani agencies and Mir Aali Bugti.

Now as our correspondent interviewed a recently released Bugti Baloch who has been released after three months of his ordeal inside the torture cell, to get some answer as to why Mir Aali Bugti is opposing and inflicting torture over to his own Baloch Brothers we asked the Bugti Baloch tribes men about his conditions, and also this is confirmed through this source that Master Jeevan who was caught on Express news earlier giving his statement working as an agent for Commander Riaz who is the right hand of Brahamdagh Bugti recruiting Suicide Bombers like one named Gazzo, according to this Baloch Master jeevan is also in that torture cell along with many other Bugti tribesmen where he is also suffering with gross human rights violation, Master jeevan according to him is still alive and hearting and is still being inflicted with pain and suffering as for Gazzo this man told our correspondent that Gazzo has died in those torture cells a long ago.

Now according to our report and sources, the Bugti Baloch stated "Sir I have been kept prisoner inside the torture cells for 3 months, in those 3 months they humiliated me, in those torture cell there are 200 Baloch men, In those torture cell i have seen Wadhera Ali Mohammad Mundir, Wadhera Imam Deen along with other 200 Baloch men and fine men of Nawab Akbar Bugti, They humiliated us by stripping us from our traditional clothes, they slapped us, they disgraces us, and this is what happened to me and all the other Baloch in that torture cell, Now after talking to you we would like you to help us and please demolish that torture cell which holds 200 people inside it"

Our Correspondent asked this man that how many of Baloch are in that torture cell give us the accurate figure to which he told us "That there are 200 people being kept incommode in torture, the people are from all walks of life they include wadheras, fine men of Nawab Bugti and many shepherds and poor people, they humiliate them by stripping them and slapping them around, they don’t take us as human, they don’t feed us accept torture, do kindly look at us and Please for God sake demolish this torture cell,

The next question we asked him was about the whereabouts of this torture cell as where this torture cell is located to which his answer was "This torture cell is located in District Dera Bugti and in town Sui inside the Bugti house (now called Pakistan House). We kept questioning him that what Aali bugti is doing, did he used to visit you people and saw you when you were being tortured to which his answer was direct he told us " That Aali bugti used to visit us and abused us, told us that we are traitors and you are working for BRA and Brahamdagh Bugti, he said that he pleaded to him that we are not working for anybody, we are poor folks who earn their bread by common means, we are picked up by the Pakistani agencies and brought us here".

We asked him that what is the condition of that torture cell where these people are being kept, his answer “There are 200 people in that torture cell, actually it is not a torture cell you can say that by looking at it, it looks like a living room where we were kept and beaten by sticks every morning."

We questioned him more and asked him that how they were torturing them and how Baloch were treated in that torture cells, did Punjabi army and agents come up there to humiliate them, his answer "Yes every day we were visited by Punjabis who were belong to Pakistani agencies and army men also, they humiliated us by stripping us from our traditional clothes, we were naked and slapped with sticks, where they beat us until we were unconscious, they done this 3 to 4 times to each and every one, They threw us to crocodiles, they dragged us like animals by choking us, they disgraced us in every way possible, they threw lizards into the torture cells, it was getting crowded for us as we were pushed to the extend, we run threw the door after being unconscious"

We asked him the names of those people who are still in that torture cell; he gave us few names like "Wadhera Ali Muhammed Mundhir, Wadhera Imam Deen Khan, Master Jeevan Khan, Sonah Khan & Bhagha Khan" he could say much because he said that he was mostly concerned about his own so he cant remember many but he told us that there many more. When we heard the name of Master Jeevan we tried to get some more information as recently master jeevan was interviewed by Mubashir Luqman of Express news where he confessed to work for Brahamdagh Bugti, so we question our fellow Baloch about him more and his answer “Yes master jeevan is languishing inside that torture cell, He is being humiliated and suffering", we asked him that isn’t this the master jeevan who confessed that he was carrying suicide bomb to which his reply was "No Sir! i personally talked to him and he said that he don’t have any suicide bombing mission, They are just using me and humiliating me, he said that he was the only bread earner for his home now he is inside this torture cell his family is suffering from malnutrition, he told us that Master jeevan before the interview was injected and humiliated to confess his doings, he said that Master jeevan was not in his full form when he was interviewed by Mubashir Luqman, he also told us that Master Jeevan don’t remember what happened that day with the interview, He told us that after the interview I personally asked Master jeevan about his interview, his answer was nothing for me to understood as he was not conscious because of the injection they gave to him, i asked him many times, Master jeevan according to him cant remember what happened and what he answered to"

We also asked him about Gazzo the so-called Suicide bomber about his conditions to which he answered “That when he was interviewed he was also not conscious and after the interview he was tortured to death". We asked him how many people have been killed in that torture cell, according to him there were 2 to 3 people who have killed so far, He also stated " That every men whenever visit us used his gun to beat us and want us to beg for our life’s, we cant understand that where are these Human Rights Organizations, is United Nation Blind and International Communities deaf to not hear our cries and our humiliation, We appeal to all to please look to us and demolish this torture cell.

We questioned him about the names of those who were killed inside the torture cell, He told us "That yes many people were killed in which Gazzo the suicide bomber, and one who belong to Masuri bugti tribe (he told us that he cant remember his name), he told us that he was bragged into the place where he saw two corpses of people who were lying dead, in which one was Gazzo and other was a person from Masuri Bugti Tribe. We asked him some more about the news of tortured happened infront of him, he stated "Sir! we were told beaten and asked that we are one who are throwing bombs, rockets, mortals, they accused us for the crimes which we didn’t do we are just shepherds who are earning bread in a common way, i was flocking when i was picked up, i was tortured and beaten and humiliated".

Our Correspondent asked him who picked you up he told us " That both of them Mir Aali's men and agencies picked me up, they were collaborating with each other, every Baloch inside that torture cell has been picked up by both of them parties" He also told us the name of Mir Aali's men which include "Bahil Khan, Sahir Khan" he told us he worked for Attock cement when he was picked up, he told us that he was loading the truck at about 8:00 PM he saw vehicles approaching and then he was picked along with his fellow workers". We asked him that why they picked you up you didn’t question them, to which "Sir! They told us that we are terrorists, I pleaded to them that we are poor people who earn from this, we haven’t done anything please leave us".

We asked him that after they were picked up, what they questioned them first, he told us “Sir! They told us that we are fighting; we have guns to which we are fighting for independence and liberty for Balochistan, you are doing a lot of things, I told them that we are nothing talking about liberty or independence we are poor people who are working day and night to earn our living, leave us please" our Correspondent asked him that when they picked you up did you knew where they were taking you along with many of your fellowmen, his answer was clear "Yes Sir! They were taking us to Sui where Bugti house is situated but not it is not Bugti house it is called Pakistan House, and once we were inside they beat us with guns, sticks and belts, they took our livestock’s and many other belongings, and for this Wadhera Ghulam Nabi is responsible for taking our belongings". We asked him about this character Wadhera Ghulam Nabi, He told us that this man belongs to Shambani Tribe.

We asked him how he was released, he told us "Sir! They asked us to pay them, we paid them and also gave them our livestock’s, they destroyed our homes, they destroyed all of belongings," we asked him why this torture cell was created on the first place, he told us” This jail was created to torture people, this is created by the Pakistani agencies, It's the house of Pakistani agencies where Baloch are kept and treated badly and gross human rights violation has been done inside this torture cell, It is Agency room where interrogation with torture follows" we asked him directly to tell us that why they are doing us what is their purpose, his answer "Sir! They told us we will not let the Baloch do terrorism, we will not accept any Baloch speaking of liberty or independence, I again pleaded that leave us we are not the one you want but they cruelly told us that we will not leave anybody, Pay us or die, they told us that we will not leave anyone in Dera Bugti, we will take everybody out of this battlefield who is talking about freedom and working with our enemies, we will kill those who talk about Brahamdagh bugti and his fellow terrorists, who every is working with Brahamdagh and talks about freedom we will not leave them so easily, i pleaded again but all was vain".

We asked him what kind of torture they inflicted was it only physical or mental torture also followed his answer “That Sir! I was injected I was mentally ill and I couldn’t get out from those nightmares I am still struggling from all that stress. I was mentally tortured i was given injection and was nearly unconscious and in this state they interrogated me and told me that i was the person who was bombing and attacking the towns". We asked him about his friends who were abducting with him and asked their condition, he told us "Sir! They are all my fellow men’s, they are there inside that torture cell, Wadhera Ali Muhammed, Wadhera Imam Deen, and he said that people are increasing day by day as more Baloch are being brought in inside this torture cell, it is not confirm that they are 200 but I am confirmed that the ratio has increased from 200 to many. The torture cells exist of two living rooms, I don’t know the square foot but this I know that its a big place where 150 people are being kept, there is not electricity and we were left with nothing, there were times when people were unconscious with crowded room, many 80 to 70 old aged people suffered were also there, We will ask you again to please send our message to the United Nations and tell them about our condition, I am Qadir Buksh, I am just a shepherd and a poor man, I live a common life, I have been deprived as my house and my belonging were set to fire, I just want to request you to please send our pleads to UNITED NATIONS".