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Wahid Qamber Baloch's life is in danger. Wahid Qamber Baloch will be killed in custody, family shows concern and announced hunger strike
Source: Daily Tawar news paper, translated by balochwarna.org

Balochistan: Wahid Qamber Baloch and Fazal Kareem Baloch's sister and niece while addressing a Press conference in front of Turbat press club said that Abdul Wahid Qambar Baloch, along with his two mates Fazal Kareem Baloch and Nako Faiz Baloch, was abducted at gunpoint from his native twon thump (Makuran) on March 14, 2007, by the secret agencies and FC.

After 9 months agony and inhuman torture of their arrest on April 21, 2008 they were then given in the custody of bordering town of Panjhpai police and the police have put Qamber Baloch on two days remand. The then IGP was pressurised by MI to lodge fake cases of keeping drugs and illegal arms against Abdul Wahid Qambar but he refused, after Chief Minister Balochistan told the IGP not to lodge any false cases against Mr Qamber Baloch. In fact they released Nako Faiz after sever torture and humiliation at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies. (It must be noted that Nako Faiz Baloch has now been abducted for the third time on May 3rd 2009, and he's still missing). Wahid Qamber and Fazal Kareem were taken into custody on April 28, 2008 by the CID Quetta. Both the men once again suffered inhuman tortured by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

They were then shifted to Turbat from Quetta on May 6, 2008 and then moved to District Jail after a short hearing in an ATF court on the same day. “We visited him and Fazal Haider in Trubat jail, they were very week, and they had obvious sings of torture on their bodies and suffering from diseases” recalls Qamber's daughter Sahri Baloch. Instead of a medical check up he was put in the jail for over a month where his health further deteriorated. He then was shifted to ATF Jail Quetta again on June 8, 2008 without giving him any notice and all the fake cases against him were also transferred in Anti Terrorist Court-1, Quetta.

Interestingly, he was acquitted of all cases except FIR no 6 in which he was sentenced to jail for 25 years. We, however, lodge an appeal against the sentence in Balochistan High Court which was succeeded and the respectable judge of High Court asked the ATC-1 to reopen the case and restart the proceedings, she added.

Ironically, the ATC court, which was asked to decide the case in three weeks time, had given my father into police custody on remand by violating high court's orders, she told. “While, it is the national and international law that the prisoners during a trial in court could not be given into police custody on remand,” she added. The ATC judge under pressure from the intelligence agencies has handed her father to the police on physical remand once again. “The police and the agencies have no prove against my father in the false FIR 6, that is why they pressurised the judge to give my father to the intelligence agencies on physical remand” she added.

Shari said that her father with the help of torture in the name of remand would be coerced to accept committing crimes which he did not commit. She said it was more likely that he would be murdered in the custody of intelligence agencies like other Baloch leaders Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, and Shair Mohammad who were abducted during their trial and from their lawyer's office in broad day light. They too were killed in cold blood. “I fear same will happen to my father” she said.

The family members of Wahid Qamber and Fazal Kareem have appealed to the United Nations, ICRC, International Human Rights Commission, Asian Human Rights Commission and other organisations to help her in her father's release.

They announced to go on a week's strike from May 20 in front of Karachi Press Club against the remand and arrest of Abdul Wahid Qambar and Fazal Kareem. Wahid Qamber's and Fazal Kareem's sister and nieces are on strike at Turbat Press Club from May 19 (today). They warned that if their loved one are not released, they would take any harmful step and the responsibility would solely be relies on Balochistan Governor, Balochistan Chief Minister, and heads of secret service meaning intelligence agencies.

Source: Daily Tawar news paper, Translated by BalochWarna Team

Same text was read by Wahid Qambar's daughter Sahri Baloch at Karachi press club

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