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May 26, 2009

Press Release

Washington DC: A number of distinguished scholars and activists will talk about the nuclear tests in Baluchistan and their impacts on the politics and environment of southwest Asia and the world at large.

The DC-based education and advocacy organization, American Friends of Baluchistan, has organized the meeting in Washington DC to commemorate the 11th anniversary of Pakistan's nuclear tests in Baluchistan.

The seminar comes in the wake of recent reports that Pakistan army is feverishly multiplying its nuclear warheads.

Professor Jawaid Bhutto will talk on the "Political Fallout of Pakistan's Nuclear Tests" and Pakistan's emergence as the lone Muslim nation in the world with nuclear weapons.

Fauzia Deeba, a development professional and human rights activist from Baluchistan, will challenge the propaganda of the Pakistani establishment that the Baluch do not want development in her presentation, "A Myth Broken in Balochistan."

Internationally known executive drector of Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, Dr. Karim Abdian will talk on "Nuclear Madness: What is Happening in Iran."

Nuclear Tests in Baluchistan: Political and Environmental Impacts
May 29, 2009 at 12 noon sharp
276 Carroll Street
DC NW 20012

RSVP: 301-957-0008

The venue is just two minutes walk or less than half block from the Takoma Park metro station on the Red Line. Light lunch provided.

The event will be presided over by A.F.B. presiding council members Laurie Deamer, Bob Selle and Waja Karim Bakhsh of Qatar.

A number of experts will talk on the environmental and political impacts of Pakistan's nuclear tests and its emergence as the lone Muslim majority country with nuclear weapons.

Please note, to make the American public aware of this ongoing conflict in a strategic area at the hub of South Asia and Middle East, Baloch activists joined hands with concerned Americans about three years ago to form the American Friends of Balochistan.

The A.F.B. calls for winding up of Pakistan's nuclear program. As the mission statement of the American Friends of Balochistan says, "Nuclear testing on the soil of Balochistan as practiced by Pakistan is against the wishes of its people and must stop."

The second point calls for making Pakistan's nuclear facilities compliant with International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards. "At the least, the Chagai nuclear test range should be opened for international inspections," the American Friends of Balochistan urges in its mission statement.

Please sign the A.F.B. petition on-line at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/stop-nuclear-tests-in-baluchistan

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