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August 3, 2010

If yes to Kosovo Why not Balochistan?

By Dr. Jumma Marri

Dr. Jumma Marri  

Until 1989, the Kosovo enjoyed a high degree of autonomy within the former Yugoslavia, when Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic altered the status of the region, removing its autonomy and bringing it under the direct control of Belgrade. The Kosovar Albanians strenuously opposed the move.

The independence declaration of Kosovo has long divided the Major world powers most notably the United States and Russia, each one respectively championed for their client state the USA Kosovo’s and Russians Serbia’s cause. The Kosovo took their case to World Court for a yes ruling, According to the World Court’s President, Judge Hisashi Owada, and supported by a majority ruling, “The court considers that general international law contains no applicable prohibition of declaration of independence. Accordingly it concludes that the declaration of independence of the 17th of February 2008 did not violate general international law.” http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/37583/20100722/icj-kosovo-serbia-world-court-independence-court-sovereignty.htm

Baloch case is similar to that of Kosovo only the Baloch are an orphan nation without their own powerful uncle to look after their national interests, it is up to Baloch national leaders and the intellectual to find an uncle who could lobby for them at international court of justice, the united nations and other world forums to press their interests, Baloch must stand united and clearly state their goals to international community to understand.

The author in his previous article “Energy security in Exchange for Independence” published in many sites highlighted the goals for just and peaceful independent Balochistan. http://countercurrents.org/marri260610.htm


Clear explanation of goals is one of the conditions of primary importance in achieving the goals outlined. Proceeding from this principle, the Baloch side has to formulate the legitimate goals of its movement of national and state independence plainly and clearly ever since the very beginning: the movement for restoration of national and state independence of the Baloch Nation, which was lost partially during the British colonial rule and completely after artificial creation of Pakistan.

It is important to mention that in its actions from the very beginning the Baloch national movement for restoration of national and state independence has been sticking to the principles of the International Law, while most scrupulously complying with the juristic and legal regulations proclaimed by the UN, other international organizations.

Regardless of Baloch people’s fundamental principles and choice that the Baloch side had been following the laws of the international community, the international community has ignored all of those steps, which were legitimate from the standpoint of the International Law. The principle of "political rationality" was assigned paramount importance. Proceeding from this fact, the attitude of the so-called international community (represented by G8) towards the Baloch State was predetermined by the relationship with Pakistan. Thus the Western politicians violated the basic legal principles that they themselves had ratified and that were supposed to settle the postwar (1945) relations in the world.

Thus, starting from the very first days of its existence the Baloch State encountered hypocrisy, unscrupulousness, lies and cynical practice of "double standards", which are dominating all around the world most notably the united states. We cannot even hear mere verbal condemnations of Pakistani state sponsored terrorism officially proven by recent Wiki leaks and methods of warfare imposed on Baloch nation by Pakistani and Iranian occupying forces in Balochistan and its "concern about violations of human rights in Balochistan" were in sharp contrast with the Pakistani blockade of international journalists and humanitarian assistance that the Baloch people faced.

If the leaders of Western states had not been adhering to the cynical position that "Balochistan is Pakistan's internal affair", which they have mutely expressed, then the situation would not have been that tragic, because Pakistan would not have been able to be waging a long-term war in the Balochistan with the obvious scarcity of its economic and political resources and with total absence of moral resources.

Possessing incomparable moral advantage, the Baloch side would have been able to put the "evil Pakistani army" back where it belongs long time ago. But today they are not even making a secret of the fact that Pakistani military clique is continuing its genocidal war in the Balochistan exclusively with financial, economic, political and informational support from the Western states most notably the United states of America.

The reality has delivered Baloch from the last illusions. Along with the illusions concerning the "international community" and the "international law" virtually all disagreements of ideological and moral nature among the forces of the Baloch Resistance have disappeared as well. The Baloch nation got consolidated and turned to their historical experience, where freedom was the main value as its practical embodiment in the relations within the Baloch society.

Baloch objectives in relation to the conflict with Pakistan are:

1. A verifiable stop to all military action and the immediate ending of violence and repression;

2.  Withdrawal of the Pakistani military, police and paramilitary forces from Balochistan;

3. The unconditional release of all political and other prisoners and safe return of all refugees and displaced persons and unhindered access to them by humanitarian aid organisations;

4. The establishment of a political framework agreement for Balochistan on the same basis of the Kosovo Accords, in conformity with international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

5. Two year time frame must be given to Baloch people without occupation to heal their wounds.

6. A free and fair referendum must be held under supervision of international community so that people of Balochistan give their verdict, how they see their future?

The achievement of these objectives, accompanied by measures to ensure their full implementation, has been regarded by the Baloch side as the prerequisite for bringing to an end the violence and human suffering in Balochistan.

The Baloch national goal declared above had been clearly and unambiguously formulated and ratified by the Baloch people represented by their legitimate political leadership: protection and restoration of their statehood and state independence of the Baloch nation based on the international law.

Any attempts to ignore this fundamental and basic goal of the Baloch nation, or any attempts to block the achievement of this goal (by using military force, political machinations, all sorts of tricky concepts, blackmail, creating artificial new leaders etc.), whoever they may be coming from, are the main source and the main reason for instability in the region and threat of permanent war.

On the contrary, respecting and understanding the goals of the Baloch nation, and helping the Baloch State in achieving the proclaimed goal is the main condition of bringing stability, security, peace and predictability to this strategically very important region and to the entire world’s stability and economical development.