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Abdol Hamid Rigi, the brother of Abdol Malik Rigi, is be extradited to Iran

posted 06.02.08

by Reza Hossein Borr

The BBC reported that Abdol Hamid Rigi, known in Pakistan as: Gholam Haidar Raeesani, the brother of Abdol Malik Rigi, the leader of Jondollah, is now in custody in Pakistan and an order for his extradition to Iran has been issued by president Musharaf . . He may be extradited to Iran any moment .

There were some ABC reports that the American intelligence officers claimed they had some contacts with the Jondollah. If this is true then, the extradition of Mr Rigi to Iran will pose a great danger in exposing the secret negotiations and dealings of US with the Iranian groups. If these reports are not true, however, he will be tortured brutally to confess that there have been some contacts between US and Jondollah. Jondollah has denied any connection with the US administration .

Whether US had any kind of relationship with the Jondollah or not, his extradition will be a big blow to US foreign policy and a great success for Iranian influence in Pakistan. His extradition to Iran will give the Iranian regime a huge morale boost over the United States of America and the Western countries. The Iranian regime will use him to prove that despite of its denial, the USA has been training and financing Iranian opposition groups to destabilize the Islamic Republic specifically now that some reports have been published indicating that the US is determined to destabilize Iranian regime with various mechanisms and strategies. Furthermore, his extradition will present theUnited States of America as unreliable ally as Iran has fully supported its allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine and in many other places. While the Islamic Republic of Iran has the reputation for standing firmly behind its allies and agents, the United States of America already has a negative reputation for abandoning every person and every group that had some contacts with them .

Abandoning the Kurds several times, deserting the Shah of Iran, undermining Palestinian and Lebanese governments and not supporting them sufficiently to be capable of controlling their territories, has already proved that America is less capable of supporting its allies than the Iranian regime. Iran has been successful in forming hundreds of organizations in different countries and supporting them with every tool and means which are required to empower them to the point that they can seize the power in their related countries. The Lebanese government and opponents of Hezbollah are today well subdued as the Iranian regime supported the Hezbollah so much the it could easily defeated them in less than two days. If Hamas was able to capture Gazza in a short war with Palestinian Authority, it was because of the huge support the Hamas received from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran has been very loyal and supportive to its allies in the region to the point that they have won the wars against the US allies. The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, received the leader of Hamas, Mashal in Tehran with full protocol and publicity. Every other terrorist organization that is supported by the Iranian regime gets adequate publicity and an audience with the supreme leader of Iran when they travel to Tehran. While we hardly see any meeting between president George Bush and Iranian opposition groups. The Islamic Republic of Iran is supporting its allies and the United States of America is lukewarm in its support. It may even abandon them.

The difference in treating the allies has helped the Islamic Republic of Iran to become a great power in the Middle East at the cost of US, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Today Iran, as Ahmadinejad claims, is engaged in the global management of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and many other organizations in the world. All allies of USA have been defeated by the Iranian allies in the Middle East and if the Pakistani government extradites Mr Rigi to Iran, it demonstrates that Iran has now more influence in Pakistan than the US has.