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Quetta, June 4th,2010

source: anonymous, compiled from local reports in Balochistan

Pakistani Forces have seized water supplies in Kashaf, Bor, Bashali, Sabzal Bazar, Katris and adjoining areas in Makauran, Baluchistan.

The Baluch residents are not allowed to fetch water and anyone trying to fetch water is shot at. There are reports of the Pakistani Forces contaminating the water resources as livestock and wildlife died of poisoning after drinking water from a well in Kashaf. The well poisoning incident comes after news of intense fighting between the Baluch Resistance and Pakistani Occupation Forces in Southern Baluchistan. Contaminating water resources seems to be a standard tactic of the Pakistani forces, earlier this year the Pakistani Forces also contaminated water resources in Wadh, which resulted in the deaths of many civilians.

The Pakistani Forces also contaminated the water resources in August 2006, Chalgiri, Dera Bugti before engaging the Resistance. The Battle was the legendary Akbar Bugti's last. This latest offensive is said to have Dr.Allah Nazar Baluch, ex-chairperson of the Baluch Students Organization Azad as a primary target. The Pakistani Air Force is also conducting bombing sorties in the area. Experts suspect high altitude bombing and US supplied F-16s to be employed in the bombing raids.

Eyewitnesses said that the jets can't be spotted with the naked eye and that they have very loud sound. The Pakistani onslaught has resulted in dozens of civilian deaths.The Pakistani Forces are also conducting humiliating and violent door to door searches. The Pakistani Forces abducted 11 men from Turbat this morning following a rocket attack on a Pakistani Frontier Core post. Meanwhile the Resistance killed six Pakistani FC Soldiers in Khuzdar and another three were injured in an attack on an Pakistani FC vehicle in Khuzdar. The BSO-Azad has condemned the Pakistani Forces and censured Nationalist Parties for their silence.

The BSO-Azad has also appealed to the the Human Rights Groups and the International Community for their intervention. It must be noted that water is necessity of life and over seventy percent of Pakistani Occupied Baluchistan doesn't have access to potable water. Such measures by the Pakistani Forces are evidence to Pakistan's genocidal policies against the Baluch.