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June 19, 2010

The Grieving ceremony of Raskoh (Chagai) in Washington

By Hafeez Hasan Abadi

Translated By Diagoh Murad

Hafeez Hasan Abadi  

In the light of Pakistani Islamic atomic testing which is in its 12th year, a protest demonstration was held by American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) which central point was to highlight the super power of the world “America” about the threat possessed by Pakistan’s Atomic weapons and also emphasizes the Baloch nation’s living order. On the day of 28 May a press conference which was a part of this program was held under the pictures of Brahamdagh Bugti, Dr Allah Nazar & Hyarbiyar Marri, while including Hyarbiyar Marri’s speech many other personalities like the presiding council member of American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) Laurie Deamer, President of Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) Zafar Baloch, Editor of “Protestbarrick.net” Sakura Saunder, Director of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) Nazeer Bhatti, Andrew Eiva of “Sudan Committee” & Mohammed Ali Baloch gave their speeches.

Madam Deamer in a very relax and impressing manner reintroduced the flattening of the mountains of Raskoh and also attempted to shake the napping international powers who after twelve years still failed to send a team of experts who in a right way could investigate the level of radiation, the flow & disadvantages of nuclear radiation in the region. From the commencing inhabitants of Raskoh till today, it has provided a clean environment of the world for its children on her lap but today it has been snatched by the foreign elements, the inhabitants have no authority over Raskoh today but the radiation occurring there on the bed of Raskoh from which many diseases are being bred have their claim on the inhabitants.

Along with too many infections & diseases there were many cases of still born babies missing parts of bodies, in some the children were missing hands, in other cases legs were missing and some were missing ears or some were born bald, the medical facilities in the far outskirts are ill structured and if something like this happens in Kalat, Noshki or Dalbadin then they attribute it as God’s wish by totally neglecting the satanic atomic radiation caused by Establishment of Pakistan which were later credited in the accounts of ALLAH (God) and the victims were lectured to be patience. 

Madam Deamer in a very sincere way stated about the level of Pakistan’s Islamic atom bomb which according to her is equivalent to Islamic terrorism. A country like Pakistan which is underdeveloped & in poor shape economically & politically is sprinting in the field of artillery that the people are living under poverty because of it, Poverty has not only gripped the whole society but it has also given full access to Islamic extremism. People who because of Poverty cannot fulfill the needs of their children or they cannot afford to admit them in schools, so being weak financially they send them to Madarsas where the mullahs send them to beg for “Tiki”, food taken from 50 to 100 houses mixed up in one pot are eaten by these children. Two times a day (Lunch & Dinner) the children are forced to beg in the name of “Tiki” which later results the children to mentally be a tramp and mole afterward they become stooge for the authorities & for people who can lend something to them.

These madarsas are the one who breed Razakars (Agents) for Taliban & Al-Qaeda, that is the reason that if one Talib (Student) is killed by American or NATO forces then ten Talib are admitted because the factory from where these Talib’s are manufactured, are these madarsas who are working intensely. Just like an atom bomb which if dispatched can fallow the land, the Islamic extremism nibbles the whole humanity and grasps the seed of patience for each other from them which considered being the reason for all this pandemonium in the world. 

The President of Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) and veteran freedom loving Zafar Baloch assuming the right chance gave a very vital point of view that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal to be the reason of terrorism in the whole region because there isn’t a dangerous example seen in the whole world where all three of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Nuclear arsenal exist in the boundary of 100 km and subsequently being in so close the perturbing point is this that these irrational religious thugs don’t even need to have a visa they can claim the arsenal anytime they see fit and then the world will be pushed to the position of obliteration. Keeping this Zafar Baloch in a very direct manner gave a message to America along the West that “If you want to dispose this problem of nuclear arsenal then you should support Baloch national movement for freedom which being a secular and illuminated ideologically can be very much helpful for the world by depleting the Islamic extremism & also in the shape of Independent Balochistan it will not be hard to put leash on Pakistan.”

Sakura Saunder conversed about such a point on which we always have written in our articles that there is still lack of information on Baloch national movement for freedom in Europe, America, Canada and Australia etc, there is no doubt that the people in these 5 years know more about Baloch and Balochistan but according to Skorrah he himself felt this that there is lack of information on Baloch and Balochistan and he himself learned about this recently. This is an important international situation and this is about a nation’s identity there should be more debate, seminars and lectures to be held over this. We should go to the depth of Baloch cause for the benefit of the world and in our view there is more work to be done in this aspect.

Andrew Eiva of “Sudan Committee” acknowledged the ideologies of Hitler in the Pakistani Establishment and stated “in there because of Establishment’s propaganda a majority of people have accepted this point that Hitler was a great leader. This thinking of barbarism and callous has build up an environment of inhumanity, the living example to this can be seen that today when Baloch nation is busy protesting on Islamic terrorism and working hand to hand with other humanitarian loving peoples against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, in that meantime Lahore the heart of Pakistan where the mosque which belong to the minority of Qadianis was bombed under the umbrella of Establishment by the jihadi mullah’s which resulted 100 dead and many injured as gift for Qadiani’s.

To attest the speech of Andrew Eiva we must analyze the speech of Pakistan Christian congress (PCC) director Nazeer Bhatti who approved that in the whole Pakistan if the minorities are treated better somewhere it is non other than Balochistan, he stated “that Christians in Punjab are killed infinite times, their women were treated inhumanly, their property and belongings were taken under force possession, all these inhuman acts are done under the hand of Establishment but Balochistan is the only place where not even a single case of this kind was seen in which a Christian or a minority were suppressed or treated badly, our people always felt safe when they were among the Baloch nation”.

The speech of Mr Bhatti is 100% correct because in Baloch custom using force over minorities, women or weak person is nullified to be an act of manliness this is the appealing view of Baloch custom that living among the Baloch in Balochistan Hindus, Christian, Zionist & Qadianis feel living among their own peoples.

A Baloch struggler Mohammed Ali Baloch gave speech in Balochi language and to give a valid argument in his speech he stated the speech of Mir Ghaus Bux Bizenjo recorded on 1947 in which Mir Stated that “If Afghanistan and Iran being a Muslim country can live as an autonomous state then why the Baloch nation is being forced under the label of muslamiat to dissolve their identity of an autonomous state”. This speech is in itself imperative and very much gives an overview of a Freedom struggling Baloch but to our bad luck that after this speech Mir himself never fought for the Independence for Balochistan from Pakistan and neither he challenged the force annexation either way he always tried to secure the federal government, what if Mir standstill to his decision and should never have accepted Pakistan’s occupation and never approved the control and never have been a part of its parliament subsequently baloch would have been in a different form today that they were called “The Slave of Slave”.

In the conclusion part we want to praise the work of the leader of American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) Mr Ahmar Musti Khan from whose efforts programs like these have taken place who directly without any doubt reported the Baloch and Balochistan in the right way. It is vital priority that programs like these should be held in ever corner of the world to show the concern against the slavery of Baloch nation in which not only friends of Baloch national struggle should show their solidarity and give their views but also the true leader of Baloch liberation seekers should put their points in front of them like in this program the veteran Baloch nationalist Mr. Hyarbiyar Marri sent his exclusive message, on which we would debate as we see it is important.

Mr. Hyarbiyar Marri directly accused and without hiding anything declared Balochistan as an occupied and a colony of Pakistan, and strongly stated that State of Pakistan has used Balochistan as its nuclear bombs testing ground. The distress of Baloch nation can be put equal to this fact that the western world which is 1000 kilo meter away from this Islamic bomb but still suffers from distress and Baloch nation has been forced restrain to live under this Islamic bomb so the world to ease up their problem should also think seriously over suffering of baloch nation and should fully support freedom for Baloch land so that Baloch nation can play central role to cleanse this region from atomic weaponry.

Source: Daily Tawar.
Original Source: http://www.dailytawar.com/article_page/2010/articals/June/10/art01.htm
Translated Source: http://diagohmurad.info.tm/index.php?p=p32