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Local Baloch sources report:

June 20, 2010

Last night the Resistance targeted Pakistani Occupation Forces in Kalat, the target of the attack was the Pakistani Frontier Core's mess. According to reports Resistance Fighters stormed the compound on Motorcycles, opened fire at the mess and hurled grenades. The attack killed 7 Pakistani Soldiers and injured 15. Pakistani Police Personnel denied the casualties, reporting only one Pakistani Soldier as being critically wounded. The POF resorted to intense indiscriminate firing in return. The attendants at a soccer match nearby had to abandon the event for safety. According to eyewitnesses the POF did suffer casualties including deaths. Meanwhile in Quetta Inspector Investigation of the New Sariab Police Station was also shot dead by unknown men. In Darakshan, the Pakistani Railways Chiltan Express was derailed after the Resistance demolished a section of the tracks. The train targeted was on a test run. In Chamalang, the Resistance also targeted a truck laded with coal. The Baluch see Pakistani mining companies as plunderers of their national wealth. Today, in the morning a POF vehicle was targeted by a roadside bomb attack in Sariab, close to the Radio Pakistan installation and the Degree College. According to reports there were at least four POF casualties. Another POF vehicle was targeted later in the evening ,resulting in the death of one Pakistani Soldier and wounding at least six. There are also reports of around 30 Baluch men being abducted by Pakistani Intelligence Agencies.

June 15, 2010

Pakistani forces have abducted over 12 Marri tribesmen in Kahan, Maiwand and adjoining areas. The Pakistani forces also killed livestock, destroyed the tribe's wheat stocks and set on fire homes and huts.

The incident was reported by Engineer Mir Ali Gul Marri the ex-mayor of the District. He censured the incident. The Resistance executed a Pakistani intelligence operative in the vicinity of the Bolan Medical Complex in Quetta. Meanwhile a Resistance Fighter embraced martyrdom while attempting to target a Pakistani Air Port  in Makauran, he died due to a premature detonation.  Six Baluch men belonging to the Zehri tribe were killed in Sourab by unknown men. Meanwhile one man was killed and 5 including two women from Killi Aghzberg were injured due to explosions and shootouts, no party has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The deceased was from Multan, Pakistan.