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International day against torture in perspective of Baloch torture victims                                                                                           

Today is the 26th of June is known as international day against torture, on this occasion The Baloch Community of Norway discloses the atrocity, cruelty, inhuman, degrading treatment as punishment are happening with Baloch at the hands of security official of Iran and Pakistan, as states policies.
Historically torture is interlinked with liberty and land occupation. Whenever weak and oppressed had tried to get freedom from the clutch of coercive oppressor, whether individually as a person are collectively is a nation. They have been eliminated and exterminated by the powerful oppressors. Similarly Baloch have been subjugated and their land sea and resources (gold, copper, oil, gas, coal etc) were forcibly occupied by Iran and Pakistan.
The struggle of Baloch is for the restoration of their land and natural resources in original position. Baloch is entitled and has locus standi to struggle and resist for its natural and genuine rights.. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on 7th December of 1987 wherein it was emphasised that there must be a definite distinguished between terrorism from national liberation movement.
Article 14 of referred resolution says; ”Nothing in the present resolution could in anyway prejudice the right to self-determination, freedom and independence, as derived from the charter of the United Nations, of peoples forcibly deprived of that rights referred to in the declaration on principal of international law. The resolution jealously safeguards the National Liberation Movement.
But despite of that international law and said resolution, then why Iran and Pakistan are calling their own state terrorism, “counterterror”?  Which is an old tradition for states to cover their state terrorism to exterminate and eliminate the national liberation movement through egregious propaganda, called the genuine Liberation Movement of Baloch  a terrorist.
This is the greatest conundrum for world who is terrorist. Whether Baloch or both theocratic and fascist states. It means to put the cart before the horse. The culture of bigotry of religion in Iran and Pakistan are in its extreme. Baloch are Sunni as well as in ethnic minority in Iran. Are being victims and deprived from their land and residence. Similarly Pakistan is known as Sunni state. Both are theocratic each want to enforced their school of thought in the form of Islamic flawed  jurisprudence and personal laws, ignoring, without consulting and the believes and religious rights of minority.
This is also a clear cut violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms. In both countries draconian Law and jurisprudence and criminal administration of justice system have been institutionalized. The Torture has been used as weapon against Baloch nation to suppress and force them for submission to curb their National Liberation Movement. Simple question arises that, why international community is ignoring the atrocity, genocide of Baloch at the hand of both terrorist and irresponsible states, which is their states policies. Why the new norms of international law are not being applied against brutal states policies?
Both the terrorist state are flagrantly violating international law and provision of international conventions and instruments, - UDHR- ESCR-CERD including ( CAT )
For the purpose of brevity we only want to describe the violation of ( CAT ). The Baloch innocent have been subject to torture in custody and denied due process.  Thousands Prisoners are facing to various form of torture by the intelligence official. They are keeping in painful position, all of which caused significant pain as are under threat of beating and killing.
They are deprived of adequate sleep for many days, their family members also being illegally arrested. They were constantly issued various threat that their family member would be torture are raped in front of them. Munir Mengal and Zarrina Marri case is a sex slavery and a textbook example in this regard. They are being threaten of facing of electrocution of their genital organ or have ice cubes laced in their underwear to cause permanents impotency and put mouse in their trousers and pantaloon etc. Confession statement is being forcibly recorded in this context, Malik Rigi statement is a crystal example.
 It would be not out of place to mention here that Malik Rigi and his brothers have been subjected torture and killed during the course of interrogation. Whereas capital punishment and execution is prohibited under optional protocol to the international covenant Sivil and political rights (1966). The execution,ethnic cleansing, enforced disappearance and extra judicial killing and illegal arrestation of innocents Baloch are order of the day in Iran and Pakistan.
However, Baloch have a great expectation from civilized and western world. Let justice be done with baloch. The remediable justice is not done then the Charles Dickson’s great expectation recollected. When Says pip there is nothing finely perceived and finely felt, as injustice.
In this connection, the modern social and economics thinker sen in his book, the idea of justice says that “justice in the world of fish” where a big fish can freely devour the small fish.
To baloch Iran and Pakistan are not only big fish rather they are shark, being nuclear irresponsible and terrorist states at their hands not only the existence of Baloch is in danger above all the entire world is under jeopardize and threat. It would be suitable to eradicate the status quo and prevailing justice of fish system, if a coercive powerful nation alike a big fish could still devour a small fish at will, and then the UN and international law will be meaningless in this civilized world. Which is questionable?   
The upshot of this paper is that the civilized European and western nation and country to intervene and stop the genocide of Baloch in Iran and Pakistan. It is further appealed to UN under (CAT) to send the committee to Iran and Pakistan to monitor and collect information and evidence and intervention measures should be taken against them under new norms of international law and humanitarian ground and this spirit.
Baloch community Norway
26th June 2010