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Jun 27, 2008

Press Release:

A.Q. Khan's threat to ground Tel Aviv condemned

WASHINGTON DC: Two U.S.-based Baluch organizations
have jointly condemnded a statement of the founder of
Islamic bomb and nuclear terrorist, A.Q. Khan.

In an interview that was published in the News
International June 23, 2008, Pakistan's most widely
circulated newspaper, A.Q. Khan had threatened to
destroy Tel Aviv if Israel casts an evil eye on

"To hurl a threat of leveling off Tel Aviv if it ever
tried to attack Pakistan has disastrous implications
for the human race," Dr. Wahid Baloch, president of
the Baloch Society of North America, and Ahmar
Mustikhan, founder member of the American friends of
Baluchistan, said in a joint statement, adding the
A.Q. Khan's interview reflects the official thinking
of the Pakistani establishment.

"To hurl such threats is totally irresponsible and
extremely dangerous," the activists' statement said.

"We urge the entire world to voice the strongest
condemnation of A.Q. Khan's statement and kindly put
the denuclearizing of Baluchistan on the top of your
agenda," the statement added.

Baluch and Mustikhan said A.Q. Khan was the criminal
that destroyed Baluch lands and is rightly looked upon
as a terrorist by the Baluch
people. We can proudly say the Baluch diaspora form
the backoneof the antinuclear movement in southwest
Asia," their statement said. "Pakistan has absolutely
no right to destroy the livelihood of the
tribesmen in Baluchistan and the Baluch are justified
in calling for the trial of A.Q. Khan and Punjabi and
so-called Mohajir army generals for crimes against
humanity," they said.

This year, the entire world saw the Baluch hold
protest rallies in many cities in Baluchistan,
Karachi, Washington DC, Toronto and
Vancouver against the tests.

"The Baluch have never accepted te forced annexation
of their motherland and will never do so in the
future. All we are asking of the Punjabis and their B
team, the immigrants from India, is to leave our
homeland peaceably," the joint statement said.

To end the continued grave injustices against the
people of Baluchistan, they said the de jure ruler of
Baluchistan, the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud
Ahmedzai will be knocking the doors of the
International Court of Justice at the Hague.

"We urge world leaders and statesmen to establish
direct contacts with the Khan of Kalat in London and
the nationalist Baluch leadership," Baloch and
Mustikhan said.

Baluchistan is a stateless texas sized region divided
among Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"Ask any slave what he wants and the answer will
invariably be freedom," said Wahid Baloch.
"Even a bird wants to be free, why cant the Baluch
demand freedom," Mustikhan said.