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June 8, 2009

His Highness
Suleman Daud Baluch,
Khan of Kalat
8th June 2009

I would like to express my opinion on the continuity of the Baluch Nation
and its part in the future of Southern Central Asia.

The Baluch have been and always will be part of the soil of this land. Our
blood has paid for the air above and the ground beneath the territories of
all the Baluch speaking people in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is
an undeniable fact.

During the time and collapse of the Indian Empire, controlled by the
former colonising power, the British, the People of my country were placed
against their will, into the hands of the artificially created boundaries of
the Goldsmith and Durrand lines between Pakistan, Afghanistan and

Regardless of the state of affairs that exist and the tensions which have
festered between these sovereign nations, the fact remains that the Baluch
are an integral part of the region.

History shows us that those who ignore the Baluch nation do so at their
peril. It is a demonstrable fact that without peace and stability in
Baluchistan and security and the pursuit of happiness for the all people of
this region, governed by a just and secular legislative counsel, all those
who are the neighbours of the Baluch will suffer to some degree, the same
fate as that of Baluch.

My message to you all is a message of hope. Sooner or later, all those
antagonistic parties who surround our borders or take part in the New
Great Game will realise that their own security, happiness and future are
dependant on the same things, and that the Baluch must play a integral
and full participating role in achieving those goals.

Any resolution without the Baluch is no resolution at all. The Baluch
should sit at the same table as all other participants in the struggle for
peace and freedom.

The Baluch have long been treated as the sand in the engine of the region.
Prosperity for the region will only come about when it is accepted that
the Baluch Nation, it's people and resources are the lubricant in an
otherwise diverse, multi ethnic, religious and socioeconomic

Let no one believe that the Baluch, wherever they lay their heads, are not
one people. History and terrible injustices have lead to the fragmentation
of Baluchistan. This however we must believe, is a temporary situation.
All Baluch are brothers, not cousins, nor friends nor acquaintances but
brothers. One heart, one mind, one soul. Those that do not understand this
will surely be punished for their actions if they transgress against any part
of the Motherland.

At the present time I find myself marooned far from home, away from my
beloved Motherland, by people who do not understand what is is to be
Baluch. We are a proud and persistent people, we have courage and a
tenacity that others fail to comprehend. I long for my home but was given a
task to complete on behalf of all my people. I could not refuse even if it
meant the loss of my liberty and separation from people I love. I herewith
promise that. 'I will prevail in my duty in bringing the plight of ALL the
Baluch people to the attention of the International Community'. A nation
which opposes this mission cannot justifiably call itself a freedom loving
democracy and I hereby call upon those searching for justice to come to the
aid of my people.

Baluchistan Zindabad.