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July 5, 2009

Press Release  

Resolutions on Balochistan and Sindh in the Liberation AGM

Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) represented by Secretary General Samad Baloch, information Secretary Mir Ghulam Hussain and Iqbal Buledai attended the Annual General Meeting of Liberation on 4 th July in London . A Sindhi delegation headed by Surya Makhdum and Dr. Halim Bhatti of World Sindhi Congress also participated in the AGM. The event was chaired By Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour).

The meeting deliberated in detail among other topics on Human rights violations in Pakistan , Iran and Sri Lanka with special reference to Baloch, Sindhi and Tamil issues. Sindhi and Baloch representatives drew the attention of the gathering to the state terrorism and gross human rights violation, cultural and economic oppression, exploitation of resources and denial of freedom of expression to the Baloch and Sindhis in Iran & Pakistan.

On the point raised by Mir Ghulam Hussain, Chairman of Liberation Mr. Jeremy Corbyn MP assured the gathering that the Baloch issue will be raised in the British Parliament on a proper occasion.

A motion on the situation of Balochistan was moved by Samad Baloch which was passed unanimously. The motion moved by Suraiya Makhdoom on the plight of Sindhi people and violation of human rights in Sindh was also passed unanimously.

The delegates from various countries expressed their solidarity with Baloch and Sindhi people. It was also agreed that BHRC ( UK ) should be affiliated with Liberation.

A copy of the resolution on Balochistan is attached with the mail.

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Issued By

Samad Baloch

Secretary General BHRC( UK ) London 5 July 2009




The Baloch are faced with problems such as denial of their right of self-determination, militarization and State sponsored violence, governmental transmigration policies, cultural and economic oppression, exploitation of resources and denial of freedom of expression. We affirm and assert the following:

•  The right of self-determination of all peoples, including the Baloch, is an inherent and universal human right.

•  Express deep concern at the condition of the Baloch people who have been forced to become international refugees and internally displaced persons.

•  Express concern over the exploitation of Balochistan's natural resources and construction of Gwadar port against the interests and will of the Baloch population by the Pakistani state and thus, demand that the native population be given rights to control and utilize their resources.

•  Express concern about the unabated military operation against the Baloch population by the Pakistani forces and the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances of thousands of Baloch, including women and children.

•  Express concern about state sponsored planned settlement of groups into various parts of Balochistan. We strongly urge governments of Iran and Pakistan to refrain from state-sponsored activities undermining the rights and freedoms of the Baloch people.

We call upon the UN Human Rights Council and the International Community to intervene and credibly ensure the following:

•  Constitut e a high-level judicial commission to probe the cases of disappearances throughout Balochistan and e nsure the immediate release of all disappeared persons being held without trial for many years, including defenseless women such as Zarina Marri, who was reported to be arrested by state agencies and forced into sex slavery in custody.

•  Stop the military operation, in which heavy artillery and sophisticated weaponry including chemical bombs are reported to have been used against civilian populations.

•  Cases of target killings and political assassinations be thoroughly investigated and culprits involved in the brutal assassination of leading political figures, such as former Governor and Chief Minister Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti , former MPA Nawabzada Balach Marri, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Ahmed Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch and hundreds more, be held accountable.

•  Ensure that the military closes at-least 52 illegal torture cells that it is operating and immediately allow s access to the media and human rights organizations to all detention centres and highly affected regions of Dera Bugti and Kohlu.

•  Express grave concern over the militarization of Balochistan and call upon the Pakistani government to suspend the construction of military garrisons and ensure denuclearization of the region.

•  United Nations to take necessary steps to ensure implementation of the Baloch right of self-determination as it is fundamental for the survival of the Balochs, including their culture, languages, religions, economy, political and legal institutions, traditional knowledge system, way of life, land and resources. The Baloch peoples' right of self-determination cannot be compromised, and that they have the right to establish their own independent state and determine its relations to other political communities, states and organizations.