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Jul 8, 2008

Balochunity.org Commentary:

Baloch Unity's commentary and suggestions to Baloch nation

Pakistani Govt spends billions in Balochistan not for Balochistan's uplift but subjugation building more and more cantonment for her army to make it more easier for them to confront Baloch freedom fighters, and fools the world community and Pakistani people that Govt is spending billions in Balochistan's development, all the development in Balochistan are for armies communication, logistical and training proposes not for Baloch uplift. It is crystal clear that Pakistan has reached it dead end and fears Baloch freedom fighters, most of all fears that Balochistan might get independence with some kind of international conspiracies' so Pakistan is preparing for their night mare scenario to prevent that.

People of Sui are suffering since last 60 years while they give their precious mineral resources without anything in return, before Pakistan was blaming Nawab Bugti, now that Nawab is not there what they and their pro waderas has done for the small population of Sui and Dera Bugti. Answer they brought more miseries and destruction, instability fear and opened the doors of hell for the poor Bugtis, the big present from Pakistan is an army cantonment which prevent Bugtis even approaching it, and the army has every right to snatch people lands, and their water resources killing and looting has became the normal part of life there, if people even dare not to agree with them, they are immediately blamed as member of banned Baloch republican army's supporters and arrested and subjected to inhuman torture and treatments in order to break their will power into complete submission.

Pakistani state never treated Baloch as Pakistani and will always treat Baloch as second or third class people, it is up to Baloch youth and leadership to take right decision and give up their petty differences for Baloch war of survival.

Baloch must get united to confront their enemy's great plots, that plots is complete destruction of Baloch nation and taking their lands for ever, Baloch must make the life of enemy difficult in Balochistan and spread their war in enemy's territories. As long as enemy makes profit on your lands and uses Baloch against each other to sustain, maintain and enhance their occupation nothing will change their policies, Baloch must ensure that enemy must spend more then she gains then the enemy will think twice before building another cantonment. Our aim must be multidimensional, maximum economical, political harm and hitting the enemy's most painful nerves that is making the occupation extremely expansive by stopping the flow of Baloch mineral resources most immediate the Gas, Coal, and stopping the Saindok and all other projects by forming a special task force to fight and throw out all foreign and Pakistani investors from Balochistan hence blocking Pakistan from benefiting from these resources.

We believe Baloch have enough resources and men power to do that provided Baloch sincerely form and enhance Baloch Unity.

Baloch must form a united platform or body to inform the international community on human rights violations in Balochistan, we must give up individualism for personal fame or gains.

Baloch must make a TV channel to reach out all four corners of the worlds information net works and increase, help and encourage Baloch writers to help enhance Baloch unity and Baloch cause than what we read currently more infighting, backbiting and causing more harm to Baloch unity then helping Baloch cause.

We must form new body to communicate with Baloch Diaspora, Baloch Diaspora must be united and encouraged to do more as they could do much more then what they are doing today, today means doing nothing, except very few people. First of all Baloch Diaspora have not been reached properly there are no formal committees groups or forums to deal with scattered Baloch Diaspora around the world, we must do more to reach out to each and every individual and tell them, explain them in simple words what is going on in Balochistan, what is at stake and how and what each Baloch must do to safe Baloch national identity and lands.