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July 2008

Parliamentarians: what happened to Baluchistan ?

By Ahmad Marri


It's been over three years now, the vast-rich land of Baluchistan , has been undergoing heavy turmoil since the Post-21 st century. Extra- judicial killing, abduction and torture, have become elements of common tool in the province of Baluchistan , which Pakistani's do not even feel the need to comment upon anymore. For a vast number of people – assumptions remains, that these aspects of discrimination in Baluchistan are nothing more then a factor of history. Ever since the Pakistan's central government has been taken over by the PPP Parliamentarians, led by Asif Zardari, (as he prevails himself to be the most patriotic individual) living standards in Baluchistan have gone from bad to worse. Apart from all the statements by PPP (though they are hardly any) – granting amnesty to the Baluch nationalists, and to put an end to the Army led operation in the province, have been nothing more but unreal statements. In a way, one can understand these statements from the chairman of Pakistan People Party – illuminating his parties network and himself, amidst many of the things that he intends to do while being in power.

Reality remains vice-versa in Baluchistan . The Army continues to unsheathe its iron fist - heavy operation are still in the formation in areas such as, Kohlu and Dera Bugti, where the indigenous population are being burnt alive – in-order to silence them. When the leader of the House in Baluchistan 's assembly – Chief Minister Nawab Raisani was questioned regarding the military presence in tribal areas, even he had no option but to state that, to stop these operations one requires authority – authority that I lack. When Yousaf Reza Gillani, was elected as the leader of the House – He opted for a number of things, but sad to say that Baluchistan wasn't one of them. I have never even heard him utter the word Baluchistan , since he took over as the premier of the country.

I feel sorry for my beloved Baluchistan , and its indigenous population, who are being marginalized every single day. As variations of capitalism are taking over, and outsiders are being planted on dominating posts, one can eventually foresee the inevitable happening. A glimpse of the Pentagons new map appears into one's mind, where it has declared Pakistan to be amongst the biggest losers, due to losing most of the state's land. Pakistan and its establishment will have to take serious actions in terms of compiling mutual consensus and negotiations to stabilize the volcanic situation within Pakistan 's domain. The situation in Baluchistan and North Waziristan requires to be dealt with, where the term ‘assertiveness' will have to be given keen attention. Most important of all - Pakistan 's central government and its Military will have to stop gambling with Pakistan 's pride and integrity. For if they don't, the Pakistani nation, apart from the ‘elite' and the ‘status-quo' population (who already have bought properties outside Pakistan 's domain) will have to pay a heavy price. A price that will leave an even deeper bruise, then the one encountered in 1971, with the separation of East Pakistan .