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July 12, 2009

A message to all my Baloch Brothers who are fighting for the cause of Motherland “BALOCHISTAN”.
by Seema

At this point in time of your life,
If you fall to the ground and badly stumble,
If your knee breaks and red-hot blood starts gushing out of your wound.
my dear brother! Do not weep and do not wail,
Do not make any outcry.
Do not let anyone see your deep wound.
Just run fast and fast, for your cause, for your fight.
Holding back your tears in deep hidden corner of your head and heart, with dry and arid eyes but with vivid dream of seeing our dear motherland free from the clutches of cruelty.
Do not takeout a sigh of heave.
And listen!
Do not show your tears to those who are inflicting wounds and atrocities on our people!
For, by exposing your wounds to them, this action of yours will make u stumble.
Just run fast and fast; for your cause, for your fight.
Just run fast and fast; for your struggle, for your right.
For the freedom of our motherland, to spare her from the clutches of atrocity and brutality.
Oh, My brother! Oh My Brother! Just run fast and fast and do not stumble and only fight for our dear motherland's freedom cause.

Young Sons of my motherland, BALOCHISTAN.

It is quite unfortunate that Baloch youngsters like Chakar Qambar and others are being manhandled and abducted by the intelligence of Pakistan. It is quite unfortunate that Balochs are not being treated as equal citizens of this country. It really saddened me when I came to know about young Chakar's whisking away by security forces for no rhyme or reason, but only because he is a young Baloch and speaks for the rights of Balochistan.

At this juncture of time- when with each passing day atrocities on Balochistan and its people are increasing and each single inch below our feet is being taken away so may end up cocooned and isolated with the inflicted wounds without raising our voice- such cowardly acts like abductions of young Balochs will only add fuel to fire but this all will not break courage of Baloch nation and the hatred towards all those Anti Baloch forces who are against Baloch will further escalate.

Long Live Baloch Nation.