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Jul 13, 2010  

Report compiled from sources and news reports in Balochistan                                                                                        

Dasht Spilengi, Occupied Baluchistan: Pakistani Occupation Forces have killed one resident, injured many others and killed scores of livestock in a recovery operation in Kabu Spilengi, South of Quetta. The operation is what the POF term as a “Search Operation” for the recovery of two Frontier Corps personnel who were abducted from Hazar Ganji, Quetta. POF gunships are actively engaged in the search operation shelling the local population. Most casualties were due to gunship fire. The POF were met with resistance by the locla population, resulting in the confirmed death of one POF soldier Lance Naik Faridullah. The POF are harassing the local population in Spilengi. The Baluch consider breaking into an individual's home a serious offense, it is considered synonymous to dishonoring a family's honor. The POF are not new to Baluch Customs and Traditions but they keep resorting to such tactics to inflict psychological scars on the Baluch. According to reports the POF have forced Baluch families out of their homes and ransacked their homes. Two Baluch from the Bungulzai tribe have been abducted by the POF. According to local reports about a hundred POF trucks were seen moving in the direction.

Breaking News: Habin Jalib of the Baluchistan National Party has been assassinated. He survived an earlier attempt by the Pakistani ISI engendered Baluch Defai Tanzeem , a miltia equipped and armed by the POF.