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The burial of Agha Nauroz Ahmadzai in Kalat, Balochistan, Jul 16, 2008
The editors of thebaluch.com extend their deepest condolences to the Ahmadzai family for the loss of Agha Nauroz, son of Prince Musa Ahmadzai. It is with great sorrow that we write these words. In 2006, Agha Nauroz generously gave of his time to escort us on our travels in Balochistan. Our memories of Balochistan's towns and wonderful landscapes are indelibly intertwined with those of Nauroz. His kind nature and sweet and humble demeanor formed lasting impressions on us. Nauroz was proud to be Baloch and had great hopes for a prosperous and peaceful Balochistan. We believe he personified the great and magnanimous character of the Baloch people. This most untimely death greatly saddens us and we mourn his loss. Annie, Daisann and Wendy.
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Agha Nauroz Ahmadzai, Jul 16, 2008

Agha Nauroz's grave is covered with a 160-year-old flag that is still marked by the blood of Khan Mehrab Khan who was killed by the British in the Battle of Khelat, 1839. Khelat was defended by a garrison of Beluchis under Mehrab Khan, and was captured by a British force, 1,000 strong, under General Willshire on November 13, 1839. The defenders lost 400 men, including their leader. 2,000 were taken prisoner. The British lost 37 killed. 107 were wounded.

Agha Nauroz Ahmadzai's grave

Agha Nauroz Ahmadzai's grave covered with flag of Khan Mehrab Khan