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Jul 17, 2008

Press Release:

Baluch hail Kabul probe of nuclear dump

WASHINGTON DC, JULY 17: The American Friends of
Baluchistan has welcomed the move of President Hamid
Karzai to investigate Pakistan alleged dumping of
nuclear waste in southern Afghanistan and has hoped
the international community will bring Pakistan's
military generals to justice for their crimes.

"Pakistan's nuclear tests in Baluchistan was a blatant
violation of international law as the people in that
state had been totally opposed to those tests," Ahmar
Mustikhan, founder of the American Friends of
Baluchistan said in a statement Thursday.

"Those nuclear tests in Baluchistan were even more
abominable as Baluchistan was annexed by Pakistan in
March 1948, more than seven months after the British left India, 
against the explicit wishes of the Baluch people," he said.

Baluch tribesmen allege Pakistan's 1998 nuclear tests
have left their lands contaminated by
radiation. There have been reports of premature deaths
of livestock belonging to nomadic tribesmen who wander
in the Chagai area close to Afghanistan and Iran.
Outbreak of unheard of skin diseases have also been
reported there.

No independent study has so far been conducted to see
the disastrous consequences of Pakistan's nuclear
tests in Baluchistan.

Mustikhan lauded the Afghan government for bringing
into focus the issue of Pakistan burying its nuclear
waste in the southern Afghan provinces of Helmand and

"This was done when Mullah Omar was ruling
Afghanistan. Kandahar has Pashtun population and
Helmand has Baluch population and the dumping shows
action of the Punjabi-Mohajir authorities in Pakistan
undermine the vital interests of Pashtun and Baluch
people," Mustikhan said.

He regretted that Mullah Omar is being sheltered at a
military complex in Quetta.

President Karzai's decree to form a team
of experts to investigate the nuclear dumping is a
step in the right direction, Mustikhan said.

According to AFP news agency, the terms of reference
for the Karzai investigation is "The delegation is
assigned to thoroughly investigate the possible
burying of nuclear waste using scientific, technical
and residents' observations in suspected areas."

Mustikhan said actions of the Pakistani military is
not only endangering Afghan and Baluch lives, but also
the lives of all soldiers belonging to the
International Security Assistance Force in the
war-torn region.

There has been increased violence in Afghanistan in
recent months as the Taliban and Al Qaeda, operating
out of Pakistani sanctuaries, have mounted daring
attacks inside Afghanistan .

Last week nine U.S. soldiers were among those killed.

Meanwhile, a move is afoot to seek justice for
Baluchistan at the International Court of Justice at
the Hague in the aftermath of the Baluch genocide
over the last 60 years and the 1998 nuclear tests.
The move is led by the De Jure Ruler of
Baluchistan, the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud
Ahmedzai, who has sought asylum in the United Kingdom.