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July 18 , 2008

Baloch Students On Hunger Strike (click thumnails to view larger photos)

Three students from the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS), whose condition worsened on Wednesday due to a prolonged hunger strike demanding district-based merit at their university, were brought to the Balochistan Governor's House in stretcher...

New: Balochistan students protest against admission policy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Jul 18, 2008: "...The students, led by Qambar Baloch and joined by pupils from other educational institutions, are demanding that the admission policy at BUITMS should be reviewed and the merit system be devolved at district level. Currently, 70 percent merit-based seats are fixed for the entire province, but the Baloch students argue that the largest beneficiaries of such a system are the non-Baloch students living in the urban parts of the province. They are demanding that admissions should be granted on a district-based merit system..."

New: BUITMS students for change in admission policy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Jul 13, 2008