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Jul 20, 2008

Press Release:

Pakistani Forces have launched a new offensive against the Baluch Resistance Fighters. The operation is labeled as a “Grand Operation”, implying that the government wants results.

The spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Saarbaz Baloch contacted different newspaper offices on Saturday via satellite phone from an undisclosed location.

Saarbaz said that on noon, Saturday at Kach, Occupied Balochistan, the BRA destroyed a Military vehicle carrying fourteen members of the Pakistani Army; the six killed were officers while the remaining eight were injured. The military men belonged to the FWO and were working at the Kachi Cannal. Saarbaz Baloch said that the attack was a response to the Pakistani Forces' aggression against Baloch civilians.

This past Friday at Uch, the Pakistani Security Forces had targeted civilians mostly children, women and old men. The incident left Jani Baloch, a young boy dead and scores injured. Saarbaz said that the BRA wanted the occupying forces to know that they can't harm the Baluch and get away with it.

Saarbaz also disclosed the details of another incident that occurred later on the same day. Units from the Pakistani Army dispatched as a part of the crackdown were ambushed by the BRA; the fighting lasted for seven hours. The army suffered a confirmed fifty fatalities, and many injured. The BRA also seized twenty-six pieces of artillery and torched the convoy of twelve military vehicles. There are reports of Eight Baluch fighters being martyred as well. Fighting raged through Sunday July 20th.

According to latest reports from the Pakistani Government, nine members of the Frontier Core have been killed in the latest incidents, the Pakistani Government also claims to have killed thirty Freedom Fighters, injured another twenty-four and dismantling a Parrari Camp. The BRA alleged the Pakistani forces of resorting to massacring civilians out of frustration.

Brahmdagh Bugti the Commander of the Baluch Republican Army said that the BRA has inflicted heavy losses against the occupying forces. The BRA reported that Cobra Gunship Helicopters were used to massacre the Baluch civilians. At Dera Murad Jamali a Locomotive engine was hit by Rocket Fire, the operator of the engine is said to be critically wounded. The attack on the locomotive was followed by intense fighting. Today's fighting has raged across several areas of Baluchistan, and in a simultaneous manner.