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original Norwegian and video

The Norwegian citizen Ehsan Arjemandi who have gone without a trace in one year, is alive, according to Pakistani authorities to NRK.

NRK reporter Atta Ansari has traveled in Pakistan to investigate the disappearance of the Norwegian citizen Ehsan Arjemandi.

Several witnesses told NRK already in August last year that Arjemandi was abducted by Pakistani intelligence and uniformed soldiers.

But until now, both police and intelligence services have denied having anything to do with the disappearance.

Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik confirmed to NRK that Ehsan Arjemandi is still in Pakistan.

"I know well the case. He traveled around Pakistan with forged identity papers," said Interior Minister Rehman Malik in an exclusive interview with NRK. "We arrested him and he is still in our custody."

Anti-terror efforts

This is the first time the Pakistani government admits that Arjemandi is alive and that he was arrested by the Secret Service a year ago.

The family of Arjemandi has always lived in suspense.

Malik says that the arrest of Arjemandi is part of their efforts to stop foreign nationals from committing acts of terrorism in Pakistan.

"We need to keep our eyes open. Our intelligence does a good job," said Rehman Malik to NRK.

Unclear when he might return home

Interior Minister Rehman Malik is considered to be the most powerful Minister in Pakistan's current government. He is responsible for law and order and for border control.

He was last night in Karachi to mediate between factions of several political parties have committed hundreds of political killings in the last 2 years.

"Pakistan is under attack from foreign criminal gangs and terrorists. They work with local Mafia leaders who only want to make money," said Malik at the press conference.

Asked by NRK when Arjemandi can go home, Malik replied, "It will take place after a legal process.