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Baloch mark August 11 "Independence Day"

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    Hyrbyair Marri:
"After gaining our Independence, we want to have friendly relations, on the basis of equality, with our friends and neighboring countries."

Message from Hyrbyair Marri, Aug 8, 2009: read here
  Khan of Kalat Suleiman Daud: "Today there is not a single Pakistani flag flying in Balochistan except those flown by the military and para-military."
Aug 11, 2009

Message from Khan of Kalat Suleiman Daud: read here, bso-na.org, Aug 3, 2009

from the editors: The international press is largely unable to cover events in Balochistan, despite pleas and invitations from virtually all Baloch organizations. The Pakistan government has made it virtually impossible for journalists to travel to the strife-ridden province and so we rely on intrepid Baloch bloggers, webmasters, eye-witness reports, as well as Pakistani news reports, for our accounts. Occasionally a foreign writer manages to break through the lockdown imposed by the Pakistan military and intelligence agencies. One such journalist is Spanish journalist Karlos Zurutuza, whose Ryszard Kapuscinski-like accounts are an invaluable contribution to the documentation of this ongoing war in Balochistan.

A new article by Karlos Zurutuza published on this, Balochistan's Independence Day, will be translated into English shortly. It is titled: 62th Anniversary of the Frustrated Independence of Baluchistan (Part I) The Baluch of Pakistan, the hard life in Punjab, gara.net, Aug. 11, 2009. There are two more articles to follow in this new series on Balochistan.

This August 11 has been marked by a chaotic increase in violence and the arrests of Baloch political activists and students, news of which is just trickling in (one report states a further 25 activists from the student party BSO-Azad have been arrested; another notes that the jailer of the notorious Mach jail was shot dead. This morning the Daily Times reported that the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has killed the remaining 10 of 22 abducted police officers after the Pakistan government refused to release Baloch political prisoners).

Khan of Kalat Suleiman Daud stated that Baloch defiance is dramatically escalating and that "Today there is not a single Pakistani flag flying in Balochistan except those flown by the military and para-military."

The recent escalation of crackdowns on Baloch activists has been covered by K.P. Nayar in the Indian paper, The Telegraph. And the Times of India has just published an editorial by Balochistan Daily Times bureau chief Malik Siraj Akbar: A Home-grown Conflict, on Aug 10, 2009, which further outlines the roots of crisis in Balochistan. Daisann McLane has written an article rich in background detail for those unfamiliar with recent Baloch history: The "Disappeared" of Balochistan.

more on today's events: Balochwarna.org; Balochunity.com; bso-na.org; balochvoice.com; ostomaan.org.

from the New York Times, 1947, and Related articles from the NY Times: