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Ways to help flood victims:

Karachi Student Welfare Forum, Karachi    

The Karachi Student Welfare Forum is raising money to help victims of the floods in Sindh. They have already managed to send two power boats and 3 inflatable boats for rescue work, as well as rations for 500 families for up to a week, now they are working a volunteers and supporting people who are coming from affecting areas. Please give generously.

To help flood victims:

(If you are in the United States or Europe, one can easily send donations via Western Union.)
A/C No: 01683981901
Bank's Name: Standard Chartered Bank, Johar Branch Account
N.I.C No: 41203-4632578-3

Name of the Organization: Karachi Student Welfare Forum
Mobile no: 0333-7070755, 0345-2958997
Location: Karachi, Sindh
E-mail: kswforum@gmail.com
Link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=123063257705024&ref=ts

Items needed immediately include:

1. Protein rich ready packed food
2. Medicines for prevention of gastro and stomach-related diseases
3. Life jackets and vests (for rescue and transiting flooded areas)
4. Water proof & winterized tents (cold season will follow)
5. Water purification tablets
6. Transportation to relief camps
7. Help establishing relief camps
8. Food and meals to fight hunger

Message from Karachi Student Welfare Forum:
Its the worst disaster then Haiti Earth Quake and Tsunami " Massive floods in Sindh in August have created an
unprecedented damage to all the peoples of Sindh. UN estimate the total number of affected people to be 14 millions.
The province of Sindh being at the lower riparian of the Indus River and having the worst poverty index in the region is in dire need of relief.
Still two waves are entering Sindh after that more people will be displaced.
Lets help poor people.

Long Live Revolution.


flood victim