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Subject: Baloch Journalist and Newspapers Under Siege in Pakistan

The Toronto Chapter of Baloch Human rights council of Canada held an emergency meeting on August 18, 2009 in Toronto against the constant harassment and intimidation of Baloch Journalist by Pakistani Army and its spies agencies. BHRC-Canada expressed its deep concern over the deteriorating situation for press freedom in Balochistan Pakistan.

Over the last past few months, civil unrest has been mounting in Balochistan, where citizens have been protesting against the largest and most brutal Army Operation by Pakistan Army against the democratic and Secular forces in Balochistan. Pak Army is using  blunt force and range of oppressive tactics to silence the voices of truth in Balochistan. "

Recently, Mr Malik Siraj Akbar, the bureau chief of Daily Times  is  threatened by a group of Pakistani journalist cum ISI agents against his article," A Home Grown Conflict", which was published in the Times of India on August 11, 2009.

In a different event on August 18 2009, the Daily News paper ASAP stopped its publication, and shut down its offices in Quetta and Turbat due to constant intimidation and harassment of journalist and visitors inside the news paper office by Pakistan Army.

Previously, on February 23, 2009 the editor in chief of ASAP newspaper Mr Jan Mohammad  Dashti was attacked by ISI sponsered Lashker-e-Jhangvi (a religeous terrorist organizaion) but fortunately,  Mr. Dhasti survived the attack.

In January this year continuing its constant manipulation the government banned the official advertisements of Daily Asaap.
BHRC-Canada seriously believe that there is a sustained and systematic campaign of harassment against Baloch journalists and the blunt force and range of oppressive tactics are being applied to silence the voices of truth in Balochistan.  

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