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From Seema:

Dear All,

Any Baloch young man, who raises his voice against the revolting and gruesome attitude of state's victimization and biased attitude towards Baloch are not spared of at any cost, reason: raising their voice for Baloch's rights and welfare.

Abduction and unlawful lifting of innocent Baloch young man and women became an overnight and adventurous game for Agencies during the General Musharraf's regime and this horrendous game in Balochistan is still going on despite the grim fact that so-called democracy is in practice.

During the last seven or eights years, thousands of Baloch people including women have been abducted for no rhyme or reason, abduction of Ehsan Arjamandi 38, a Norwegian Iranian Baloch Activist is a recent example in this regard. Ehsan has lived in Norway since 1989 and is a Norwegian citizen. In Oslo he has been an human rights activist of his people (Balochs).The list of abducted young men is long Qmabar Chakar Baloch, Fazal Khan Marri, Ehsan Arjamndi are only few of them.

Dear All,

I will not call this piece, appearing below, a poem but would rather call it a [Zairoonk]1- a Balochi form of poetry, sung in melancholy while recalling someone who is very close to one's heart but is physically away and in trouble. This Zairoonk is written as a gesture to morally support families and especially Mothers of all those abducted and missing Baloch young men and women, who were abducted and are still in captivity in unknown places.

1 (Zairoonk is a Balochi word and a form of sad poetry, sung in melancholy while recalling someone who is very close to one's heart but is physically away and in trouble).

Mother of a young abducted-Baloch Son, with empty hands, tears in her sad eyes, crying softly with quivering lips is looking for her Son, under the sky and recalling him while uttering this Zairoonk:


My young and sturdy Son!
My Source of solace and joy,
My only reason to smile,
My only reason to rejoice &
My reason to cherish every passing moment of my life,
Is Brave and Loin-heart Son of mine.

My young and sturdy Son!
With his wide forehead and twinkling eyes,
With all his courage and smile,
With all his passion and desires,
Always doing his work with a beaming smile, for his People & their Rights.

My young and sturdy Son!
With his broad shoulders n proud eyes,
Always raising his voice against the Abusers & Looters of his Peoples' Rights,
Always raising his voice to bring justice to my Peoples' Lives.

The Abusers and Looters were roaming around!
To catch my Sturdy Son & strangle his mouth,
Choking his voice, at any cost! At any price!

One day! When dust was blowing and sun had turned yellow, when cactus' flowers had wilted in the heat,
When birds had stopped chirping and hastily flown away to their nests,
When children had stopped playing around,
When women had grudgingly dropped their needles with a frown,
When an unseen dusty mourning and gloom come around,
Spreading its black wings all around.

Feeling this sudden change!
My Young and Sturdy Son went out of the house,
To find it out: the reason for the dusty and gloomy clouds!

My old and weak heart began thumping,
For, I had seen the dusty clouds of mourning & gloom approaching my house.
I could not see, I could not find any way-out,
I wailed & cried with my feeble voice and shouted for my sturdy Boy,

But, Alas! Alas! Alas!
My young and sturdy Son had been lifted and taken away to an unknown place!
By the Abusers and Looters,
To give him a thump and turn him into lumps!
To give him torture with its highest height!
To cut his body with knifes n daggers,
Oh my Son! Oh my Son!
To remove his nails from all his fingers,
And give him stinging pain for fighting for his people N their Rights.

My Sturdy Son is moaning n groaning of pain,
When I think of my sturdy Son moaning in pain!
When I think of all this,
My heart cuts & bleeds and it weeps and weeps,
How helpless I am! No body knows.

A long time has elapsed but I am burning in that stagnant past,
Still living with the harrowing glimpse of that dusty past,
When my Brave n Loin-heart Son,
My young and sturdy Son,
My source of solace and joy,
My only reason to smile- my Young and Sturdy Son,
My only Treasure! My only Gold and My only Wealth!
My only Precious Jewel of life
My young and Sturdy Son was stolen
And dumped in a hidden and unknown world,
By those heartless and cruel Abusers and Looters,
Who are trying to break my Sturdy Son,
And make him a shivering, shuddering, hair-raising example
For all my other Sons, who are fighting- like my young & sturdy son- for my People and their Rights,

My young and sturdy Son!
My Sweet and lovely Son!
Light of my eyes!
Jewel of life!
This old mother of thine with her old and dry eyes,
Is waiting for the time,
When thy shalt return with a beaming smile,
And resume thou work- raising thine voice with same vigour & drive.
For my people and their rights.