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Press release, Aug 23, 2010:

Waheed Baloch
Kabeer Baloch, arrested March 23, 2009.

Khuzdar: The aged mother of Kabeer Baloch has said that despite the so called Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package and the announcement to release Baloch forced-disappeared person her son has not been released or surfaced. Kabeer Baloch along with his friends was arrested on 23 March 2009 on National high way and his family has never heard of him since his arrest. The mother of Kabeer in a devastating statement said that “all the announcement of relief and development cannot ease our pain and agony because we want our loved ones not any packages”.

She feared that the captors of her son might have killed him in custody and said that if there was anything like this then at least her son’s body should be return to the relatives for a dignified funeral. She profoundly appealed to the International Human Rights Organisations to play their role to secure the lives of Baloch abducted activists.

Referring to UN [HCR] head of Balochistan chapter, Mr John Solecki she said that his mother was also as worried as the mothers of disappeared Baloch luckily she got her son back unharmed but our sons are still missing that is why “we appeal her to play her role for the safe and early release of Baloch sons who are missing from last several years. We are suffering from same pain and anxiousness as she suffered once. Only those mothers can understand our pain whose sons have been abducted or have been killed by these brutal people [Intelligence agencies of Pakistan].

Meanwhile according a statement of Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri Pakistani agencies have arrested two Marri Baloch in Kohlu and one in Rakhni when they were registering cases against intelligence agencies personal for the abductions of their relatives. The statement reiterated that on one hand the Pakistani courts are ordering the police to register FIRs of missing person on the other hand Intelligence agencies are threatening people with dire consequences if they register FIRs against them.

It is obvious that FC and other intelligence personal are above the law and it is useless to register cases when we know that no action will be taken. Apparently the intelligence agencies are determined to disappear anyone who nominates them for the illegal abduction of their loved ones, argued the statement of Marri Itehad.

NP a pro-parliamentarian party in Balochistan has also protested against forced disappearances here yesterday and accused the current PPP government of continuing the policies of dictator Musharraf in Balochistan.