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Sept 2, 2008


BSO-NA strongly condemn the act of burrying women alive.

Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) condemn this heinous act in the strongest terms possible. Let it be crystal clear that there is no such tradition exists in Balochistan to bury girls or anyone alive. Baloch people have a great respect for women. Dr. Shazia Khalid's example in front of us.  If Senator Zehri have said it then it should be considered as part of his own personal belief and family traditions and this has nothing to do with Baloch traditions. No Baloch can ever think of killing or burrying their girls alive.

Baloch being under the occupation have no power to prevent these isolated crimes or punish the perpetartors of such crimes. This is the State's responsiblity to protect  its citizens and arrest the criminals, but as we have seen, Pakistan being a failed State , have always protected the criminals instead of victims, as we have seen it in the case of Dr. Shazia Khalid and Mukhtaran Mai . The perpetrators were not only protected by Pakistani laws but were granted immunity by the head of State Gen Musharrf, (in Dr. Shazia case Vs. Rapist Captin Hammad).

The question is why there is hue and cry in Pakistani Punjabi dominated parliament and media over this isolated incident but are no word on the ongoing military operation in Balochistan and State brutality against the Baloch people in which thousands Baloch have been killed including women and chilrdren and many bugtis were burnt alive.

We know why the State Media and Pakistani Punjabi dominated parliament is over reacting to this incident, becasue they want to use this to cover up the Pakistani military crimes that are being comitted against the Baloch people and to divert the attention of people of pakistan from the ongoing military operation in Balochistan, impeachment of Musharrf and his gang for the crimes committed against humanity and the re-instatement of Judges. 

Dr. Wahid Baloch

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