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Sep 7, 2009

Reported by Archen Baloch

(Tump) today when Baloch National Front, rallied a massive procession in Kech sub district head quarter Tump city town to pay tribute to martyr Mir Jan Miral, who sacrificed his life for the freedom of Balochistan, the Pakistani military hardcore " the Jehadi Islamic Jawans" were called in to contain the rally, which was gathered at Dr Khaled Chowk, and was about to proceed to Mir Jan Miral last resting place to pay homage to his courage and patriotism, without any prior warning brutally opened fire upon the peaceful protesters. As a result of this indiscriminate and disproportionate use of brutal force, 4 innocent of Baloch women children elderly men and women lost their lives and 17 others sustained fatal injuries. More then 19 youths have been whisked way to unknown locations; Hoth Beeberg BSO'S CC member was also among them.

Backed by helicopters and armored vehicles, provocative forces at first resorted to cruel baton charging, but when they failed to disperse the angry political workers, who were calling upon Punjabi led Pakistani forces to quit Balochistan, disproportionately opened fire at the protesters. Mukhtar A.Aziz from Soro was the first among the victims of this firing, Followed by Amdad Hayatan, from Malikabad village, Arif Dazini, Ajaz Nawaz who lost their lives.

A 19 years old intermediate school girl Shahnaz Yousif from Mand sustained fatal injuries, have been shifted to Karachi Agah khan hospital in emergency room her condition is very critical.

Two days ago on Friday 14, just one and half kilo meter away from Tump town centre, a bloody skirmish between Baloch Republican Army and Pakistani forces took place at Shaheed G.M main high way. The Baloch Sarmachars (freedom fighters) had ambushed a Pakistani forces convey, in which 12 military men were killed, 25 others sustained injuries and were shifted to Turbat civil hospital. BRA had accepted the ambush of military men and acknowledged that one of their Sarmachars Mir Jan Miral had embraced martyrdom.

One of the protesters, interviewed by Radio Gwank of Balochistan, said that Pakistani forces had been outsmarted and defeated by Baloch National forces throughout Balochistan; therefore, they had no option other then to take revenge upon soft targets "the general public", for the defeat inflicted upon them by Baloch National Forces every time in entire Balochistan.

As a result of provocative killings, Baloch volunteer forces emerging out of nowhere and attacking Pakistani security forces, state controlled institutions and installations throughout Balochistan. The latest information according to Koh Mazar, a school teacher in Negower, the angry mob attacked a police station in Balnegower in which policemen sustained injuries and the building and vehicles of the policemen have been put on fire. The police system in Balochistan is entirely collapsed.

But international media and civil society is dormant to this entire humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.