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Sep 27, 2008

Heavy Shelling in Zain-koh, Woman and infant killed
Many Injured, Abducted Livestock & Crops Destroyed

(translated from:

Quetta(online) : Shair Muhammad Bugti the spokesperson of Nawab
Bramdagh Bugti,said that the Pakistani forces are indiscriminately
shelling the civilian population in Zain-koh and adjoining areas here
in Dera Bugti , Occupied Baluchistan. A woman and her baby were killed
while her seven year old child and her husband were critically injured
when a cannon shell hit their home in Zain-koh. Many Baluch tribesmen
mostly women,children, the elderly and non-combatant men  have been
wounded and or abducted by the Pakistani forces. The Pakistani forces
are using long range cannons to shell the tribesmen.The Pakistani
forces have also destroyed the tribesmen's crops and livestock. In
Dilbar-Mut area of Dera Bugti the Pakistani forces have conducted door
to door search operations and abducted many,the abducted were moved to
the Pakistani military camp in Sui.
The Pakistani forces have failed to respect the sanctity of Ramadan ,
the military raids have been stepped up with the Islamic Festival of
Eid-ul-Fitr around the corner.Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated to mark the
end of Ramadan, children are presented with cash gifts, people
dress-up, sweets distributed and friends and relatives spend time
together.The Pakistani government fails to recognize this religious
right of the Baluch people.
Woman Killed: Yesterday the Pakistani Forces opened fire at a truck
carrying women and children at Luc-pass here in the outskirts of
Quetta ,one woman was killed reported Samaa TV. This is the latest in a
series of attacks that seem to be concentrating on women.
Till date some three hundred and fifty women have been abducted by the
Pakistani forces.