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Media Release    

October 5, 2008

Pashtuns want peace not war and support Joe Biden to pacify over 700 mudrassas in Pukhtunkwa!  

Toronto - Canada – Two meetings of the Pashtun Peace Forum (PPF) Canada and the UK London were held on October 3, 2008 and October, 4, 2008  to discuss the situation in Pukhtunkwa - Pakistan and Afghanistan after a suicide bomb attack on Asfand Yar Wali Khan, leader of Awami National Party (ANP) in his ‘hujra’  (guest-house) which killed four Pashtun people and injured more than 18 innocent people. 

The PPF members strongly condemn attack on Asfandyar Wali Khan, president of ANP (who is also chief of foreign affair committee in the national assembly - pakistan) and extends ANP the full support and sympathy at this crucial juncture of Pashtuns’ history. PPF expresses deep concerns over the war in Pukhtunkhwa and appeals to Pashtuns across the board including Mehmood Khan, Sherpao and, Fazlu Rehaman to forge unity among their ranks to counter the War imposed on Pashtun nation.

Pashtun is a proud and secular nation and the followers of non-violence philosophy preached and practiced by their great leader, Fakhr-e-Afghan - Bacha Khan. Pashtun needs to unite and follow the non-violence philosophy for viable peace in Pashtun areas. 

PPF also reminds the Pashtun leadership to expose the different source of terrorism which is the continuation of Afghan Jihadi groups and their supporters since 1979. Pashtun leadership needs to train youth to defend their homes, hujras, mosques, land aver 50 million innocent Pashtuns.

PPF also remind the international community to consider the plea of Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden to take care of the over 700 mudrassas (religious schools). PPF propose that these madrassas should be converted to the ‘Bacha Khan Peace Schools’ to avoid war and bring sustainable peace.

PPF remind the international community that Pashtuns do not need bombs and suicide jackets.  Pashtuns need education, teachers, schools, jobs, transport, small industry, and above all peace. It can only be done through direct foreign investment, forming and training peace keeping Pashtun militia, sound governance, the rule of law and peace.  

 The PPF appeals to all the Pashtuns, friends, and the international community to engage and empower Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand Line as they are the people who can bring  peace, progress and development not only to their own nation but to the global community.    The PPF reminds the Pashtuns and the world that Pashtuns will once again make the region a civilization of art, culture, trade, prosperity, peace, and global safety and security if given a fair opportunity of peace building and development.


Pashtun Peace Forum
120 Wentworth St. N. Hamilton, ON L8L 5V7 Canada

Jahan Zeb & Inayat Kakar-Canada


Nasir Ahmad & Zia Ur Rehman – UK  London
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