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Oct 5, 2009


[The Truth & the Lies]
From: Diagoh

Today the world has changed and so do the minds have changed. Today every country label itself as a democratic and republic state, Many have their own state policies and their own advisor and minister who are willingly working to get the country in a specific path and so there is also a country in the Central Asia which call itself secular and reliable in todays global changes. The country Pakistan has its own state policies it call itself democratic as far as we know that it was established in the name of Islam and when It came into being it was called Islamic Republic of Pakistan but as the time passed away and as the American influence grew in Central Asia which changed everything in the state policies and changed its true being. As we know Pakistan came into being as a Muslim majority country and it adopted the Islamic way of ruling and labeled itself as a Islamic Republic State of Pakistan and even mount ‘La Illah ah Illal Lah’ as its main point of objective and the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah countered every attack from the Hindu majority in India through the word Muslim. Whenever Jinnah presented the case of Muslim through his party Muslim League he would count on the atrocities committed by Hindu majority in India and would even support the Muslim cause to get a separate state from India or should we say to break India in two pieces and so the “Two Nation Theory” derived.
In which there were points and methods were shown, where Muslim were shown as another nation from Hindu and are different in Culture, in Religion, in Systematic Affairs, in Law, and even in Religious Holidays. The Two Nation Theory not only was the main point to create Pakistan but it was separated in the Name of Islam and it was separated so there can be a country in which Muslim of India would be free to do everything they will.

As we see today Pakistan has changed many of his policies, Today Pakistan is being seen as a Democratic Republic State, The word Islamic is no more to be found in the state books or in any other place. The Judiciary System of Pakistan is not according to the Islamic law and the Government policies are different than the Islamic Governing System. So all this bring us to a conclusion as to why a state whose founder always talked about the Muslim rule over another country and Muslim system or Islamic Sharia Law or an Islamic State, suddenly became Democratic Republic State, the judiciary became the one which is being used in the western countries and the Sharia Law is prohibited and the word Islamic became Democratic is all confusing and there is so much distressed as what is true or what is false.

Many intellectual and think tanks have said in their statements many times that Pakistan has been created for a purpose and the policy maker for Pakistan are not the statesmen but are the foreign hands who are using the threads to control the stability of Pakistan for a sophisticated purpose and also in many of the media level and in the early days of Pakistan separation it was depicted as an artificial state. The state which has no leg no hand and even no brain of its own to work with. The brain, hand & leg are all outside Pakistan.

Now consider this that a state cannot be called a secular state until there is stability and there are circumstances according to the public opinion. The state which has its own rule and which is being governed through systemic means and through democratic way as Pakistan is a democratic country, But for the past 62 years Pakistan is falling in despair and has not shown proof of being a full grown democratic country because in these 62 years Pakistan has been destabilized, the East Pakistan [Bangladesh] was separated and became an independent and sovereign state and also Pakistan has been ruled by its military generalship which is powerful than the civilian government and who are the brainchild in working for the foreign hands. In these 62 years Pakistan has seen many military dictatorship and less civilian government but still the opposing civilian forces of Pakistan call themselves democratic and fully secular equal to the other democratic countries.

One would say that how a country which is being overrun by a military coup will call itself secular and democratic when the military of the country which is more populace than the countries own populace is running the countries affairs and making decision while the military should be defending the borders or making military plans for attack and defend but rather the military of Pakistan is ruling the civilian government and making decision over the countries policies. Now the systematic affairs of Pakistan being ruled by the military How it is secular? How it is democratic? These are the questions which are never answered by any government of Pakistan. The military dictatorship of Zia-ul-Haq which was formed in 1979 is a proof that Pakistan is not a secular but a state which is all looped up for a purpose, the military coup of Zia-ul-Haq dismembered the civilian Government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and sends the battalion of Pakistani army in the parliament of Pakistan to disassemble every rule and regulation which is against his will and tries his tactics and throws Bhutto in jail and the aftermath he blow the horn and get Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged up for his disapproving of him. After Bhutto’s assassination Zia-ul-Haq throws any civilian government official who tries to put obstacle in his way.

The military coup of Pakistan not only has power over the civilian government but also on the civilian population of Pakistan. Pakistan’s military is the one of the kind because it has under siege its own civilian population and its own civilian government under their arms. The military coup of General Parvez Musharaf was by far the most irresponsible and was the most unbeneficial to the Pakistan’s stability. Not only the military Government of Parvez Musharaf took rule over the civilian Government but also dismissed the government which was governing at that time, Nawaz shareef Government was thrown out and the military dictatorship was once again destined with Pakistan. General Parvez musharaf took the oath which was illegal and elected himself as the President of Pakistan along being the chief of army staff now the question again arises is How a Governmental servant serve two seats at one time?, He not only took the government from the hand of Civilian Government but also cast out the Civilian Leadership out of the country into exile. After the Civilian Government was exiled the military coup of General Parvez Musharaf tried his very best to subdue the civilian population through his political aiming and through talking of development but the change was seen when General Parvez Musharaf joined hands on War on Terrorism with the American Government the war which was solely meant for America, General Musharaf bought it for his own civilian population. American think tanks started supporting General Parvez Musharaf whether he was legally doing something or illegally, there was no one to challenge President General Parvez Musharaf under his rule America was given free hand to put the civil society in despair. General Parvez Musharaf was the one who started war on his own people South and North Waziristan was bombed twice a week because America started to blame the Pashtuns of N.W.F.P for supporting Talibans of Afghanistan and with the ignition of an army operation to sabotage the Taliban once and for all started.

Taliban, Once we speak about it we see a deadly radical fundamentalist force working in the disguise of Jihad for Islam and for the billions of Muslim but what if we go to the history of the Taliban, see when it was born, research how it became so popular and how Al Qaeda became the main issue and are brought in the mainstream. In the 80’s nobody knew what is Taliban and who is Osama bin Laden or Mullah Omar, But today even you ask a kid he will tell you the story of Osama and Taliban. Taliban today is being shown as a terrorist force that is destroying the peace in the Central Asia, but what if we go to the 1980’s when Soviet Union was in power in Afghanistan. The total population of Afghanistan was under the control of the Soviet Army and to that American was seen unhappy as it was losing its grip in the Central Asian Region as not only China is the threat for the Americans but Soviet Union had become a big challenge for America. America along with his slave nation Pakistan [When I say slave it means an asset for America] became a one unit not only to create such a force that could counter the Soviet forces but would also destroy the peace which was maintained in the Afghan Region. The Taliban were created through the support of American and Pakistani forces and the Pakistani land was used as a training hub for the Taliban where the fighters of Taliban were getting their base training. Not only the Pakistani ranking officials were involved to train them but the weapons and the money was flowing over to them from the American officials. The intelligence agencies of both the countries were covering fast through their plans to sabotage the Soviet Controlling of Afghanistan and to also sabotage the peace which was build inside the Afghan region. The Taliban was not only trained but were also controlled through the head of the military wing of Pakistani army, The head of Taliban were chosen Military officers of high ranking who were to maintain the Taliban force and to create devastating plans. Taliban today is a terrorist force and Al Qaeda is the threat to the whole world peace but the creator of Taliban and Al Qaeda are the biggest terrorist and the biggest peace destroyers of the world. Pakistan today may seem to be fighting the Taliban forces in Waziristan but actually the Masters won’t kill their pet dogs, so if people, activists of the world and the Americans think that the Pakistan army is fighting the radical Islamist force of Taliban than it must be living in the fools land. Today Pakistan is showing the world about the fight with the Taliban in Waziristan but actually it is trying to cover up the mess it has got up inside Balochistan. The main reason the Taliban are on the mainstream and on the media of Pakistan is because to hide the situation and the ongoing military assault on the civilian population of Balochistan where the Baloch people are fighting the occupation of Pakistan.

Today if anyone who believes the Pakistani media than he is null informed about the situation inside Balochistan which is becoming tense day by day not only for Pakistan but also for the Baloch people because not only Pakistan is suffering from it but the Baloch people are also feeling the hot heat over their heads. Today the freedom fighters of Balochistan demand full independency of Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan, Total audit of the resources used by Pakistan or sold by Pakistan & the release of the political and civil workers of Balochistan whom were abducted and are being tortured by Pakistani army personnel’s. Every day 3 to 4 political activists of Balochistan are being kidnapped and abducted by the ISI & MI personals the main reason for the abduction is to mute all the voices who are demanding Pakistan to leave the occupied Balochistan once and for all, But this reason is not working at all because from the 5th battle [The Baloch are in war with Pakistani army for 62 years and in these 62 years there has been 4 battles] which started in the year of 2001 is still going on and it has became more powerful and more developed. The every day abduction and operation has became a routine and everyday the Pakistani army are doing violations of human rights inside Balochistan but to shame that the big heads of Human rights organization are blind and deaf over the issue inside Balochistan because Pakistan has shown the US that if it raise one hand on the issue than Pakistan will let loose the leash which it had put on to the pet dog named Taliban and if the leash is off than America and the whole Central Asia will be bitten by its virus.

The conclusion part is that the people today have to understand to the basic reality which is widely being seen that Pakistan is destabilized and it is suffering from the Balkanization virus, The reason to the destabilization is Pakistan’s own created because from the very first day of its separation from India it started to devour the independent of another nation through illegal means. East Pakistan [Bangladesh] were the one’s who demanded the creation of Pakistan and were on the forefront of the separation movement with Jinnah but when they saw the oncoming they started their campaign and that campaign bought them their Independent country and on 21st December 1971 Pakistan backbone started to crack up and in this time 2009 Pakistan has totally lost its fame and now it is a beggar’s country who are trying to stable their economy through making Save Pakistan Committee [Pakistan Bachao Committee]. Now with these point how one can say that a country which is not stable, which has lost its one half in 1971, is suffering from its border sides, has unstable economy in which there is 48% unemployment rate 54% illiteracy rate and 57% Poverty rate, As it is seen to the conclusion that Pakistan cannot be called a secular, democratic or balkanized proof state because Pakistan from its being has shown all the sign of a failed state as it was depicted by C.I.A in their report for Pakistan that in the year of 2015 Pakistan will be a failed state in which there would be no stability, the economy will go down and there would come time when it will seek help for funding its damned economy.