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Oct 7, 2009

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Report

Three Baloch leaders Assassinated in District Kech.
April 24 – 29 2009.

Lala Muneer               Sher Muhammad        Ghulam Muhammad

Fact finding mission for the killing of 3 Baloch nationalist leaders , Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch , President Baloch National Movement , Sher Muhammad Baloch Joint Secretary Baloch Republican Party and Lala Munir  Baloch ex Voice President Baloch National Party.


  • Participants : The team
  • Places Visited , dates and persons met
  • Brief introduction of the victims
  • Background of the incident
  • The fact Finding exercise
  • Conclusion
  • Attached Documents
    • Medical Report
    • CNIC, letter of given election ticket by National alliance, educational documents etc of Sher Muhammad Baloch.
    • local certificate of Sher Muhammad Baloch
    • copy of FIR

The HRCP fact-finding team consist the following members. 

Mr. Fareed Ahmad (Coordinator HRCP Balochistan Chapter),
Mr. Faheem Baloch ( Activist of HRCP) Mr. Yousaf Baloch ,
Mr. Shabir Ahmad , Mr. Kamal Ayoub (coordinator HRCP district Core Group Kech )

Places Visited , dates and persons met

26th April 2009
Mugrghab (where dead bodies were found 18 Km from Turbat city)
Chamber of Kachkol Ali Advocate 26th of April
Pir Jan Baloch (eye Witness) District Turbat 
Nasir Advocate (Eye Witness) District Turbat
Nisar Ahmed (Eye Witness) District Turbat
EDO Health. Medical officer and MS
Asif Baloch Nephew of Ghulam Muhammad Baloch District Turbat

27th of April 2009

Yousaf Baloch Brother of Ghulam Muhammad Baloch district Turbat Tehsil MAND on 27th of April 2009
Sattar Baloch Cousin of Sher Muhammad Baloch district Turbat Tehsil MAND on 27th of April 2009.

28th April 2009

Visited district hospital Turbat
Commissioner Makran Division
City police station (team visited police station)

Brief introduction of the Victims

Ghulam Muhammad Baloch:
Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch was born on 1st of January 1959 in a middle class family of district Kech Tehsil Mand he did his metric from Mand high school ,  F.S.c from Muslim Collage Karachi and his BA and MA from Balochistan University, he did his master Balochi Literature.

Sher Muhammad Baloch
Mr. Sher Muhammad Baloch was born on 8th of may 1972 in a middle class family of District Kech Tehsil Mand he did his metric from Mind High school and his FSc from Balochistan board of intermediate and secondary education. And he got is rest of the education from Karachi university.

Lala Munir Baloch
Mr. Lala Munir was born in a middle class family  of district panjgur , he was 52 years old when he was killed he got his basic education from high school panjgur , he  did his inter from degree collage Turbat and his masters were from Sindh university Karachi , his masters was in Islamic studies.

Background of the Incident:

This incident came to the notice of HRCP through the coordinator of HRCP district Kech and Press statements that very well know and high profiled leaders of two separatist Baloch nationalist parties have been abducted and assassinated by Pakistani security forces later their decomposed dead bodies were found from Murghab Pasni road about 18 Km away from Turbat city. (reference to the chief minister Balochistan, statement in Balochistan assembly published in daily Intekhab Quetta date on 4th of April 2009)   in the result of abduction and assassination violence erupted in Balochistan  more then 20 people were killed , government buildings , banks , vehicles , offices ,shops and houses were burnt during demonstrations thousands of non Baloch migrated from Balochistan to other provinces of Pakistan due to critical condition of province , several political activists of various parties  were arrested. Still situation is tense in different parts of Balochistan and non Baloch are being attacked and threats are being given by unknown persons though pamphlets.
 From 3 of the leaders 2 Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and Sher Muhammad Baloch were abducted in 2006 from Karachi and they were kept in different torture cells for more then 5 month as they had given the details of abduction in honorable court and HRCP has showed its concerns regarding the life threats of Sher Muhammad and Ghulam Muhammad including all missing persons.

Fact-finding exercise

Muhammad Yousaf Baloch elder Brother of Ghulam Muhammad Baloch

 Muhammad Yousaf Baloch

 He is the elder brother of martyred Ghulam Muhammad Baloch. He said that, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch Started his struggle for the independence of Balochistan from Baloch students Organization (BSO) platform, first time he was arrested in 1984 with Mr Bizinjo in MRD struggle, latter on he was elected as chairman of Baloch student’s organization and President of Balochistan National Movement and Baloch National Movement.
On 3rd of December 2006 he was going to attend a public meeting in Karachi and he was abducted by Pakistani security forces and he was kept illegally and brutally tortured for 9 months and 8 days, he was surfaced from district Sibi Balochistan.
When he was surfaced after long government of Pakistan had registered   8 anti state cases against him.
Mr. Yousaf strongly rejected the allegations against him by federal government that he was wanted by Iran Government.
He said suppose if  Irani  forces  killed him so what were the Pakistani forces doing when Irani armed forces entered   in Pakistan and the place they were abducted is away 200km from Iran , then why Pakistani security forces are giving threats to us to be quiet.
Mr. Yousaf said on 2nd of January 2006 I was abducted by security forces and I was kept in torture cells and they were asking me about Ghulam Muhammad activities his relations with underground Separatist organizations, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and Baloch liberation Front (BLF) .

For 22 days I was illegally kept and then I was released and on 27th February once again I was abducted by Pakistani security forces and after 2 days I was handed over to police station Turbat.
The object of kidnapping me was to put on pressure on Ghulam Muhammad to leave the struggle of independence Balochistan,
Ghulam Muhammad had no enmity with any one his struggle was against the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and he was struggling for the independency of Balochistan.
I request though HRCP to International Community, Russia, India, France, Germany and UN to take notice the assassination of Baloch Nationalist Leaders, Taliban is the production of Pakistan and Pakistan is blackmailing the world on the name of Taliban keeping this all situation in view, the international community should stop all kinds of support to Pakistan, and the arrested Baloch should be declared prisoners of war.
He said we can accept Pakistan as neighboring    country but not as occupier.
Through HRCP we Request UN to investigate the case of Ghulam Muhammad , Pakistani president doesn’t believe Pakistani judiciary so why should we and our complete family is being given threat by Pakistani agencies,   we don’t feel our self secure our life’s are on great threat.
And I am proud of my brother he scarified his life for cause of his mother land.

Sattar Baloch cousin of    Sher Muhammad Baloch.

He is cousin of Sher Muhammad, said first of all I want to tell you some details about Sher Muhammad. Sher Muhammad is from Balochistan , occupied by Pakistan when he was young his mother passed away and then his father got married with a Baloch lady from Iran his father is Pakistani citizen and his CNIC  Number 52204-1584511-7, if Pakistan doesn’t accept her own CNIC so we can not say any thing as the rest of documents are front    of you as Sher  Muhammad educational documents , as he participated in  election  2002 from Sindh Province as  National alliance candidate , if that time he was Pakistani and now he is not so we can not force government of Pakistan to declare  him as Pakistani.
Sher Muhammad got his basic education from Mand and higher education form Karachi , he started his politics from the platform of Baloch Students Organization  and he has been the Organizer of BSO also, the team of HRCP  has come to get the facts we Appreciate   HRCP team but don’t do condolence with us congratulate  us for our son who got martyred for his mother land , infect killing of our 3 Baloch leaders  is  related to the kidnapping of  UNHCR Representative , as Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch was playing a great role  in his release  so government of Pakistan abducted  the high profiled  leadership of Balochistan freedom movement and they were expecting the Baloch freedom fighters will kill the representative of UNHCR and Pakistan will tell the world Baloch is a  terrorists  nation but now it has been proved Baloch is a civilized nation and Pakistan is a terrorist country . this abduction and killing is not new for Baloch nation  , Sher Muhammad  was kidnapped for more then 9 months   from Karachi Sindh and he was  surfaced from Sibi Balochistan , government Registered  FIR against me I went and presented my self in court to face the allegations I was given bail from the court but after six moths I was abducted by Pakistani security forces and I was brutally tortured  , my elder brother who is PS 19 gazette officer of government was kidnapped and brutally tortured and Government of Pakistan registered cases of bomb blast against him   , we don’t trust Pakistan and Pakistani system we request UN to investigate the case  and only not me our all family is not feeling secure we have great life threads from government  of Pakistan and its secret agencies.

Nisar Ahmad (eye witness) Owner of a shop next to Kachkol Ali advocate chamber and an (ex retired army Subedar in Oman army).

My name is Nisar Ahmad ,  I am a social worker and president of United Social Welfare Society, on that day the three Baloch Nationalist Leaders  were abducted I was coming from TMO office it was around 12:30 -12:45 when I saw Mr. Ghulam Muhammad and Lala Munir were coming from Anti Terrorist Court  as Ghulam Muhammad was a well known person,  as I saw him I stopped to meet him and I offered them for tea , he said I have some work with Kachkol  Ali Advocate till that time you order for tea , I ordered tea and I was waiting for him suddenly I saw he was going I went out of my shop to call him back to take tea I saw an armed man of Pakistani security forces was behind him and he is saying him to sit in the vehicle , Lala Munir Baloch was also with him but I did not see Sher Muhammad , after sitting in the vehicle his eyes were folded with a black peace of cloth and the left towards ISI, ATF ,Levies tans side followed by an other vehicle with armed man, when he was asked how did he recognize that they were from security forces he replied,  for last 10 years I have this shop and it is not new for me 2 or 3 times a week they come and stand over here , on the incident day I was thinking may be it is routine .
After giving interview to different TV channels now armed people from FC and security forces are giving me threats not to speak with any one and they have come to my shop  many time in FC uniform and in plainclothes, I used my sources  and now government has provided me security guards.

Nasir Advocate Eye Witness

My name is Nasir Advocate and I am junior of Kachkol Ali advocate , many cases were  registered against Ghulam Muhammad Baloch  , Sher Muhammad Baloch  and Lala Munir Baloch  and we were  the council of the cases,  on the incident date after the cases we came to chamber as our chamber is near to Anti Terrorist Court , Kachkol Ali , Sher Muhammad , Lala Munir and Ghulam Muhammad were discussing a case and I was making tea suddenly security forces in plainclothes entered our office and arrested Ghulam Muhammad, Sher Muhammad , Lala Munir along with a advocate when he introduced that I am an advocate so they left him and took them out of chamber they were speaking in Urdu. When he was asked how did  he recognized them they are security forces personnel’s so he replied every one knows , Mr. Nasir advocate was very much scared when he was telling us the details so many times phone call came from his house and they were asking about him and he was replying don’t worry I am safe and him self was also very much scared and after every few minutes he was saying now it I my turn now security forces will kill me and my family.

 Peer Jan Baloch.

My name is peer Jan  Baloch , me and Baloch martyrs Sher Muhammad Baloch  and Ghulam Muhammad Baloch were in the same case , on 14th august 2006 government of Pakistan registered  FIR against us , and many people are wanted in the case which includes ladies also , basically Sher Muhammad name was not in this case he was added later on , as FIR is register  on names  plus etc so Sher Muhammad was in etc.
Respected judge gave next day date for hearing, Sher Muhammad  and me came out of Court but Lala Munir and Ghulam Muhammad were in the court for any other case , Shear Muhammad requested me to bring any vehicle  for me I have to meet one of my friends till you bring any vehicle I am waiting in court clerk office , I left for a vehicle  I had some urgent work so I requested on of my friends to please  pick and drop Sher Muhammad , but later on I was told once again Sher Muhammad , Ghulam Muhammad and Lala Munir  have been abducted by security forces.
The next day when I went to court to attend the case respected judge with a smile said did not they pick you up, ok lucky so now I will give you a long date till the time they will be also surfaced he gave the date of 22nd April .   
It was Friday and normally on Fridays security forces visit bazaar in plainclothes so I was feeling it normal, as ATC is surrounded by security forces offices like ATF, levies head quarter , police Station and security agencies office.

Dr Taj ( EDO Health )

My name is Dr Taj and I am working as EDO health district Kech, it was at 9 pm when I received a phone on my cell by police for an emergency, I said I am EDO not MS after few minutes I received an other call from DCO, Where I asked that, he said that some decomposed dead bodies were found, when I went they took me to an area called Murghab some 18 KM from main city. Where i saw 3 dead bodies on site. When I went near the bodies the bodies were decomposed and smell was coming I identified the bodies Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch.  I knew Ghulam Muhammad because when last time he was abducted there were some sings of torture on his lag so I identified him from his lags when I reached to the location and saw two vehicles of FC were standing, at that time I did not find blood near the bodies. Bodies were looking some 4 to 5 days old and we picked the bodies and handed over  its to their families.

Dr Afzal Medical officer

At about 10 pm we received an emergency call from our higher authorities,   we were expecting may be it is army operation and at 11:30 we were taken to Murghab to examine  the dead bodies , it was not our responsibilities to examine the bodies but on Humanitarian  bases we went and examined , the bodies had been decomposed and smell was coming from the bodies , we did not find any blood so may be they were killed some other place and brought over here.
Around at 4 Am we handed over the bodies to their families.
When MO was asked about the postmortem so he said we were not told by any official  and dead bodies were not in such condition to be taken to hospital .

Asif Baloch (nephew of Ghulam Muhammad)

I am Nephew of   Martyred Ghulam Muhammad Baloch  when ever he used to come to district Kech he used to call me and I used to take him to Mand , on the day when he was to be abducted he called me and said bring my file in Kachkol advocate chamber , after few minutes he called me on my cell again and said  don’t come to Kachkol office today I am feeling some extra security since morning the situation is not good  may they kidnap me again , and then I got the news he was  kidnapped , when Asif was asked about the dead bodies as he had received the dead bodies he said I was handed over the dead bodies at 4 am on 4th of April.

Commissioner Makran Division

First of all I strongly Condemn such a assassination  act of 3 surface high profiled leaders murder , as after the incident many non Baloch have migrated from district Kech , he said I have also this information , we are trying our best to provide security to the non Baloch  living in district Kech  , Regarding the postmortem commissioner Makran division replied as the dead bodies were not in such condition so due to the worse  condition of the dead bodies  we did not do the postmortem , regarding the threats given by the federal  security forces to the eye witness of the incident ,  commissioner replied as they are not under our control so we can not stop or order them but we are trying our best to provide police security to the eye witnesses , regarding the Iranian forces commissioner replied if Irani security forces were involved in the killings he added, so why our security forces are giving threats to the eye witnesses .

Team tried its best to get the point of view from police but still the area was not conform as they were abducted from Kech city area and the dead bodies were found in sadar police station area of District Kech .

Kachkol Ali advocate (eye Witness /council of the Ghulam Muhammad Baloch Sher Muhammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch.

On 3rd of April i and Sher Muhammad came after hearing of Court to my chamber  Lala Munir and Ghulam Muhammad were also present in an other case  as we came in the chamber a person came and said can I sit in your chamber for  few minutes until my shoes get polished I said ok you can he was not looking Baloch and he talked to me in Urdu and he was looking like a Punjabi  , but my junior said sir, he belongs from  secret agency as he said he is from  secret agency he left my office .  after the case  Lala Munir and Ghulam Muhammad came back  and we were discussing the case when my an other junior named Hassan came and said out side security forces and  secret agencies  vehicle are standing  as he came in side the room, suddenly  6 persons came in my chamber and arrested , Ghulam Muhammad Baloch , Sher Muhammad Baloch  , Lala Munir Baloch  and my Junior  Hassan when Hassan said I am an advocate so they left  Lala Munir and Hassan, but some one from out side of the chamber said arrest Lala Munir  when they were abducting  3 Baloch leaders so Ghulam Muhammad argued  they said  to him in Urdu  what ever you want to say , say it over there
 (Sari batain wahan karna  )  as they were abducted I went to judge and told him what happened in my chamber so he said submit an application  I submit an application to  judge  and copied to chief justice of Balochistan , and on 4th I filed case of abduction and gave an application for FIR but in the evening police refused to register  FIR . SHO said we will just enter in the ROZNAMCHA. after the abduction of Baloch leaders I received a call from a Major of MI, he said  get time and visit us but I said you did not do well, your people  abducted our 3 Baloch leaders , as I was the opposition leader in Balochistan Assembly I took the issue of Nawab Akber Bugti , construction of army cantonments  in Balochistan , and I am the council of different  Baloch leaders due to that not only i my junior advocates , my family life is on great threat as MI. ISI, IB and other Pakistan secret agencies don’t consider Baloch as human.  They are out of control as Chief minister Balochistan said during assembly session that 3 Baloch leaders are abducted by security forces and they should release them in 24 hours but they did not released them they killed Baloch nationalist leaders.


As this killing was a high profiled killing and three top Baloch nationalist leaders were killed in Turbat, after the incident the statement  of interior Minster made it more complicated keeping in the view the situation HRCP made a fact-finding  mission  to get  the real face of the incident.

  1. As per the eyewitness statements and previous abdication cases of the Baloch leader show that the secret security forces of Pakistan had abducted the 3 Baloch nationalist leaders.
  2. The dead bodies were found from district Kech Sadar police Area away some 200km from Iran Border, which strongly opposes the statement of IG frontier corps that there dead bodies were found near Iran border.
  3. The dead bodies’ proper postmortem was not done, with out any proper reason.
  4. As per the medical report the cause of death was gunshots but there was no blood found on the spot there for the place and reason of death was unknown the postmortem could verify the main reason of death.
  5. As they were abducted from the area of city police station and the dead bodies were found in Sadar police station area, still it was not clear whom to investigate the case.
  6. Eye witnesses were being given threats by security forces not to give any statement.
  7. As the 3 Baloch nationalist were abducted from Kachkol Ali advocate chamber the same 3 person’s bodies were found about 18 km from Turbat city.
  8. The FIR was registered against the IG frontier corps, Col MI and major ISI based in District Kech.
  9. As per the statement of Interior Minster, Ghulam Muhammad was wanted by Irani Government in the case of Jindullah ( an Irani religious fundamentalist armed   party ) but no solid proves of being any religious link were found.
  10. The 3 assassinated Baloch Nationalist Leaders were separatist political leaders and they were struggling for the independence of Balochistan.
  11. As per claim  of interior  minister, that Sher Muhammad Baloch  is not Pakistani citizen  but the CNIC of Sher Muhammad’s father  , Sher Muhammad CNIC,   local certificate , educational documents , election ticket given by national alliance ,  verification letter given by election commissioner as candidate allowed to participate in elections proves  that he was  a Pakistani citizen.
  12. thousands of Non Baloch have migrated from different parts of Balochistan and thousands are getting threats from unknown people


  1. An independent, transparent and fair investigation should be carried out as soon as possible in the interest of justice to ensure that innocent people are not victimized ( such  investigation team must be made which Is acceptable for the families of the victims.
  2. The Federal security forces and secret agencies official nominated in FIR may be involved in investigation.
  3. All the missing must be surfaced and the kidnapers must be brought to justices.
  4. all the security and secret agencies must be answerable to honorable court  and before arresting any one they should get arrest warrants from competent courts, after arrest they must be produce in the court before 24 hours as per the constitution of Pakistan  
  5. All the eye witness must be given proper security and strong action against those officers should be taken they are giving threats to them.
  6. The non locals must be given proper security.
  7. Non locals doing jobs in unsafe areas must be transferred to safe areas.