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U.S. urged to help stop nuclear tests in Baluchistan

By Shehmir Gorgej

WASHINGTON DC: The American Friends of Baluchistan Sunday urged U.S. citizens to prevail upon their government to have the nuclear tests in Baluchistan stopped as it has the potential to endager U.S. security.

Speaking at a gathering at the Mayorga Coffee Factory, veteran journalist Ahmar Mustikhan, who is also founder of the American Friends of Baluchistan, regretted that the atrocities on the people of Baluchistan were historically carried out with U.S. blessings and the time has come for Washington to demand the right of self-determination for the Baluch people. "In Pakistan, U.S supplied weapons are being used even to this day to subjugate the Baluch. Cobra helicopters, F-16 fighter jets, and what not," Mustikhan said.

He pointed out that as recently as May this year three Baluch were burnt alve by the Pakistan army. Pakistan conducted deadly nuclear tests in Baluchistan in May 1998 against the explicit wishes of the Baluch and the A.F.B. has initiated a world wide signature campaign to have the tests in Baluchistan stopped. Citizens of nations across the world has signed the petition--the goal is to collect 100,000 signatures.

The A.F.B. petition states: "Whereas all nuclear weapons are equally condemnable, but Pakistan's weapons of mass destruction is even more dangerous as it is religion-specific. As part of its state ideology, Pakistan considers people from other religions as its enemies and has made clear it will not desist from being the first to use nuclear weapons." Participants in the gathering assured Mustikhan they will write to their legislators to protest Pakistan Army atrocities against the Baluch people. Following is the full text of Mustikhan's talk:

"It's strange to be born a slave. Very strange. Really horrible.

Ask any slave what he wants and the answer will invariably be freedom. So do I—I want the independence of Baluchistan, in southwest Asia. Thousands of Baluch have given their lives in their struggle for freedom and justice.

Many of you might not be knowing I am an ethnic Baluch, nothing to do with Pakistan or Iran as such. The only thing we want is Iranian and Pakistani troops leave Baluchistan now.

Baluchistan was left divided by the wrong policies of the British Imperialists. Baluch territories if united and free would be bigger than Pakistan and Iran.

But the Pakistan army and the Iranian mullahs have turned Baluchistan into their colonies.

Over the last six decades, the atrocities committed on the Baluch had U.S. blessings. Of course that was the case when the Shah of Iran Reza Shah Pehlavi sat on the peacock throne in Iran. Baluch were burnt alive as recently as May of this year in Pakistan. Press reports have bared use of chemical weapons against the hapless Baluch people. In Iran, public hangings are almost a daily affair.

Baluchistan has some of the world's best political leaders. Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, a veteran leader sacrificed his son named Nawabzada Balaach Marri last year in the Baluch fight for independence and justice. Sardar Attaulah Mengal another leader sacrificed his son more than 30 years ago, named Asadaullah Mengal. Killed by Pakistan's secret services, his body was never found.

Political heavyweights, highest people in tribal Baluchistan, like Nawab Nauroz Khan Zarakzai fought against the ruthless army of Pakistan, the fourth largest in the world, more than four decades ago. At age 90, he died in prison. Likewise, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti , a former chief minister and governor of Baluchistan, threw the gauntlet at Pakistan army in 2003, an army that is equipped with nuclear arms.

According to former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Robert Oakley, Bugti could have made a very good governor in any state in the U.S.He was killed extra judicially in August 2006 by the Pakistan army. His remains were not reutrned to his family and they were not even allowed to conduct his funeral.

In recent months, a significant development was that the De Jure Ruler of Baluchistan, also called the Khan of Kalat—his name is Suleman Daud Ahmedzai—sought asylum in the U.K. He wants to get Baluchistan liberated by using legal means.

In the packet that I am giving to you today, you can find a CD of an interesting documentary made by a New York team who went to Baluchistan. This will provide you one of the most authentic stories about Baluchistan. Wendy Johnson, who was one of the producers of the documentary, was kind to send me the CD.

Baluchistan is being used by Pakistan for testing nuclear weapons. These weapons might one day be used against the U.S., Israel or India. Pakistan has very clearly said it will not shy away from being the first to use these weapons.

Common Americans can play a big role to end the injustices against Baluchistan and at the same time make the world a safer place.

Please find in the packet a petition that has been circulating on the web. I shall really appreciate if you may please sign the petition.


I urge you to please write to the lawmakers you know to help Baluchistan win its right to self determination. I urge you to please jot down a few lines to presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain to stop all military aid and supplies to Pakistan until it stops all nuclear and arms testing in Baluchistan and grants the Baluch people the right to self determination."