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MIR Ghaus Baksh Bizenjo's Speech at DAR-ul-AWAM on 12th December 1947 at Dhadhar.

" . . . We have a distinct civilization,
we have a separate culture like that
of Iran and Afghanistan.

We are muslims but it is not necessary
that by virtue of our being Muslims we
should loose our freedom and merge
with others. If the mere fact that we are
Muslims requires us to join Pakistan then
Afghanistan and Iran both Muslim countries
should also amalgamate with Pakistan . . .

The British conquered Asia through the force
of the sword. They also subjugated the
Baloch homeland. We never accepted
their authority. We resisted their rule
but being oppressive and cruel they
deprived us of our freedom.

We were a separate entity.
We were never part of India
before the British overlaordship . . .

Pakistan's unpleasant and loathsome
desire that our national homeland,
Balochistan, should merge with
it is impossible to concede.

It is unimaginable to agree to such
a demand . . . It is no secret that
before the creation of Pakistan,
our Khan had patronized the Muslim
League. Our homes, bunglaows and
transport were at their disposal.

Under the khan's guidance many Baloch
helped the League through every
possible means.

What was our attitude towards Pakistan
and what is its behaviour towards us ?

Lasbela and Kharan, two constituent units
of Balochistan are being snatched away.

Kalat's sovereignty over those areas has
been accepted by the British.

We never want to subjugate them.
That is not our intention. They are
our brothern in blood and have been
part of Kalat in that capicity.

Pakistan has even refused talks and
is making any discussion on the subject
conditional on the repentance of the
Baloch government and its prostration.

Before them......we are ready to have
friendship with that country on the
basis of sovereign equality but by
no means ready to merge with Pakistan.

We cannot humiliate the Baloch nation
and amalgamate it with others.

How can we sign the national death
warrant of fifteen million Asian Baloch ?

That is inconceivable. That is impossible.

We cannot be partyto such a grave mistake . . .
We cannot commit such a great crime . . .

We are told that we Baloch cannot defend
ourselves in that atomic age.

Well, are Afghanistan, Iran and even Pakistan
capable of defying themselves ?

Today if Russia and America so desire,
they can wipe out many such states
from the world map. If we cannot defend
ourselves, a lot of others cannot do so either . . .

As regards the question of statehood,
let me emphasize that no Asian country
including Pakistan fulfils the criteria
of a modern state in true sense . . .

They say we must join Pakistan for
economic reasons.

That is also absurd. We may not have
hard currency but we have numerous
means of income. we have minerals,
we have petroleum, we have ports.

We should not be made slaves on
the pretext of economic viability.
We can survive without pakistan.

We can prosper outside pakistan.
But the question is what Pakistan
would be without us ?

I do not propose to create hurdles
for the newly created Pakistan in
matters of defence and external

But we want an honourable relationship,
not a humiliating one.

If Pakistan wants to treat us as a
sovereign people, we are ready to
extend the hand of friendship
and cooperation.

If Pakistan does not agree to do so,
flying in the face of democratic
principles, such an attitude will be
totally unacceptable to us, and if
we are forced to accept this fate
then every Baloch son will sacrifice
his life in defence of his national freedom.