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Speech delivered to the Balochistan International Conference

by Mohammad Ali Baloch
Baluchistan International Conference, Washington, D.C., Nov. 21, 2009

Mohd Ali Baloch

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen:

On behalf of Balochistan People’s Party and the people of western Balochistan, I salute our martyred hero Mir Balaach Marri for the ultimate sacrifice he has committed for Balochistan’s freedom from slavery.

As you are all aware of the recent events in Iran, I am referring to the so-called elections in which Ahmadi Nejad, the Shiite clerics, and their Islamic Revolutionary Guards once again captured the seat of power in Tehran, crushing brutally all opposition to the regime. The voices of democracy, rights, and freedoms were met on the streets of Tehran with a crushing blow to humanity.

As called by the people of Iran, the Green Movement is an outcry of the youth and women against the dictatorship of the mullahs and their policies for the state and the region. The elections and the aftermath also indicate a power struggle and split within the regime for their narrow interests and control over the state. The cracks in the Islamic Republic of Iran have begun showing and there is no way that the people of Iran can be fooled much longer. The regime has decided to block all reforms and the only outcome of such a policy will be another bloody revolution turning the streets of every city in Iran red with the blood of the innocent. 

Balochistan People’s Party believes that the Iranian regime’s nuclear program can never be peaceful or for civilian purpose. The recent history of the Islamic regime’s policy of promotion of terrorism in Lebanon and Middle East in general is a reminder for the world that this dictatorship will stop at nothing to export and expand its fascist ideology and all kinds of weapon to terrorist groups to fight proxy wars in the zones of conflict.

Iran’s southeastern province of Balochistan is the most under developed area in the country where recently the Islamic regime has committed gross human rights violations. On one hand the Baloch population is being denied of their basic rights to cultural identity such as language and nationhood and on the other hand the regime is promoting a policy of sectarianism by attacking the Sunni majority faith of Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch youth are today held in prison and hundreds have been hanged publicly through summary executions by military courts inside the prisons.

In today’s Iran, the struggle for democracy on the streets of Tehran and the rights of the oppressed nations of Iran such as Baloch, Kurds, Azeri Turks, Turkoman, and Ahwazi Arabs will have to join hands to defeat the mullahs and their paramilitary forces to form a just society where human values can be respected.

Mohammad Ali Baloch
Speech at the Baloch International Conference
Washington DC, USA
November 21, 2009