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Nov 21, 2009, Washington, D.C.

Resolutions introduced by Laurie Deamer and American Friends of Baluchistan.

Laurie Deamer

The below resolutions adopted by American Friends of Baluchistan were read out at the conference by presiding council member Laurie Deamer of Philadelphia. The resolutions reflect the A.F.B. standpoint and A.F.B. fully appreciates the fact that not every participant, ally, well-wisher and fellow-traveler agrees fully with all its ideas.

  1. This conference calls upon Islamabad and Teheran to recognize the political reality that Baluchistan means land of the Baloch, has meant exactly that for hundreds of years. Balochistan existed on the world map way back in 1700. We also call upon the international community, mainly the US, European Union, Russia, China and India to ask Pakistan and Iran to give a firm timetable for the pullout of their troops, security forces, intelligence agencies from Eastern and Western Baluchistan;

  2. This conference pledges allegiance to the heroic struggle of the Baloch sarmachars [Freedom Fighters] and calls upon all Baluch parties, leaders, activists to rally behind the freedom fighters to help regain Baloch national sovereignty and human dignity, and to end the multifaceted threats to the Baloch language, culture, and national survival;

  3. This conference calls upon the occupying forces of Pakistan and Iran to immediately halt the slow motion genocide and state terrorism perpetrated on the Baluch people and asks the UN and international Human Rights Organizations to proactively come to the rescue of the Baluch people;

  4. This conference condemns Pakistan and Iran for the extra judicial killings of Baluch patriots and asks the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the extra judicial killings of Baloch leaders, political activists and ordinary Baloch. Those guilty of killing innocent Baloch must be tried in the International Court of justice. Participants of this conference demand the immediate release of the missing Baloch political, student and ordinary Baloch activists. This conference asks the international community to prevail upon Pakistan and Iran to respect the Geneva Conventions for Human Rights.

  5. This conference urges Baluch tribal leaders and elders not to fall victim to the machinations of the Pakistani state intelligence agencies and reach out to their brothers in other tribes, different branches of their own tribes and to foil the conspiracies of the powers-that-be;

  6. This conference calls upon the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan to broaden its term of reference and send its peace keeping troops to Balochistan for an interim period 'until such time Balochistan is Independent and have its own national army'.

  7. This conference calls upon the secular regional and international governments to fulfill their international obligations and openly support the Baluch peoples' just struggle for regaining their statehood.

  8. This conference views with concern the Talibanization of the south west Asian region and calls upon the US government and its affiliated departments and agencies to talk directly with the Baluch independence seeking leaders in Balochistan and abroad.

  9. This conference is of the considered opinion that the Baloch and Baluchistan are important stakeholders in the AfPak Crisis, and the people of Baluchistan and their pro-independence leaders must be involved in any decision about the future of the region. We the participants of this conference are also of the firm opinion that the solution to Baloch woes, and by extension the AfPak crisis, lies in the creation of an independent and secular Balochistan that is at peace with itself and its neighbors.

  10. This conference calls upon Pakistan to dismantle its nuclear weapons program and is concerned over reports that the Pakistan military is planning more nuclear weapons tests in Balochistan, as Pakistan already tested its nuclear bomb in Balochistan.  Nuclear testing resulted in the spread of lethal diseases and deaths of several people, especially newborn babies. We consider these nuclear weapons a major threat to human civilization and the well being of humankind.

  11. This conference salutes sacrifices of Baluch youths and students, including Baluch girls, for unfurling the flag of freedom in Baluchistan.

  12. This conference expresses solidarity with the struggle of Sindhis, Seraikis and Pashtuns in Pakistan and Kurds, Ahwazis, Azeris, Turkmens in Iran, and condemns the Punjabi and Persian rulers for turning the two Islamic republics' into a prison for aforementioned nations and nationalities.

  13. This conference views breakup of Pakistan as inevitable and in the interests of the peoples of the world, including the Baloch people and the United States.

  14. This conference is of the considered opinion that Waja Hyrbyair Marri, Waja Brahumdagh Bugti and Waja Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch are national heroes of Baluchistan and reposes its full trust, confidence and faith in the leadership of Waja Hyrbyair Marri as the main spokesperson for the Baluchistan independence movement, internationally. We are optimistic that he has the political steadiness to lead the Baluch struggle to a successful conclusion, locally, by adopting all possible means of struggle.

  15. This conference fully supports the endeavors of the Khan of Kalat, Beglar Begi Mir Suleman Daud, to appeal to the International Court of Justice against Pakistan's forced annexation and high-handedness towards Baluchistan.

  16. This conference calls upon Pakistan's Military Intelligence to immediately free Norwegian-Baluch activist Ehsan Arjemandi, and calls upon the Royal Norwegian government to use its international clout to stop the human rights violations in Baluchistan and to cut off all aid to Pakistan, until such time it show respect towards the Geneva Conventions.

  17. This conference calls upon multinational companies to halt the exploration work in disputed projects and the exploitation of Balochistan's natural resources until such time as Balochistan's long overdue issue is resolved. They should then restart their work with the will and confidence of the people of Balochistan as a free and sovereign nation. It urges international auditing of the Reko Diq gold-cum-copper project scandal and bringing the culprits involved, including Mr. Muslim Lakhani, to justice.

  18. This conference expresses solidarity with all victims of urban terrorism in Karachi and condemns the killing of social activist Nisar Baloch, who had campaigned to protect public interests.  It demands the immediate arrest of his killers, who are believed to be members of a government supported and allied party 'dominant terrorist organisation the MQM.'

  19. A resolution was added by noted Sindhi intellectual Prof. Gul Agha that called for a trial of Pakistan military generals for war crimes in Baluchistan for blocking humanitarian aid to the Baluch internally displaced persons, numbering nearly quarter million. Pakistan officially acknowledges 84,000 IDPs.